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I want to thank my guests and listeners out there for supporting me on my journey. The previous shows on Linda's Lounge are about Real People with Real Passion for what they do. They share their gift with humanity. As you can see I have changed the name of the show. I have found that there are not and if there are very few venues that have the entire show to ask questions. My intention for this show is to be a place you can call and ask a question about a situation that is going on in your life that you need an answer. My mission & commitment is to help people to get into a different space by helping them to raise their vibration by shifting their thoughts and create a different feeling. You must first seek the journey within yourself to be able to start to see the difference in your life/the world. Shift your vibration and you shift your life/the world. I invite you to call in to the show and ask your questions and shift your vibration. For anyone that listens to my shows, for now I will be doing them once a month.

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