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Awakening the Consciousness

Linda's Lounge! Awakening The Consciousness


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I want to thank my guests and listeners out there for supporting me on my journey and listening to our shows. The previous shows on Linda's Lounge are about Real People with Real Passion for what they do. They share their gift with humanity. As you can see I have changed the name of the show. Change and growth is a constant. I am back and loving the interviews with amazing guests who love what they do and are assisting humanity with their service. We will be providing insights, modalities and ways to look at how one is creating their reality. My intention for this show is to have you see your truth, empower you from that place to awaken and raise your consciousness. My mission & commitment is to help people to get into a different space by helping them to raise their vibration by shifting their thoughts, be in a good feeling space and align with Source to receive all that you desire. You must first seek the journey within yourself to be able to start to see the difference in your life/the world. Shift your vibration and you shift your life/the world. I invite you to call in to the show and shift your vibration. We look forward to making a difference in your life and hearing from you! Be sure to follow me on Blog Talk, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Sound Cloud and Vimeo! Namaste

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"Goddess Embodiment? is about the photo experience, the celebration of women—their uniqueness, beauty, femininity, divinity and soul. ?I believe that every woman is beautiful no matter their age or their size, that every woman deserves to be celebrated, and every woman is a goddess,? says Yelena Yahontova, the owner of portrait studio, Yelena: Photographer of Joy. The name signifies her mission to create joyful, magical portraits that capture the soul of the people she photographs. Are you suffering with low self-esteem? Do you have preconceptions about what beauty looks like? Are you ready to capture your Goddess Essence? Want to know how Yelena awakens the Goddess in every women? Then you won't want to miss this show! Yelena will be sharing with you, how you will experience your true uniqueness and divinity on our call. You won't want to miss this show! Listen in at www.blogtalkradio.com/lindalounge or call in and ask questions at (847) 850-8423.
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