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Breaking Down The High Places In Your Life

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Join us on the broadcast as we discuss the subject of; "Breaking Down the High Places in Your Life." The message is sure to get every beleiver to think about what is the high places in their life that is hindering them from having a more personal, intimate relateionship with God. We will see in Scriptures how God commanded the children of Israel to stay away from the high places because of the various idol worship that was taking place with the other surrounding nations. The other nations that worship the god of Molech and Baal would build shrines and Asherah poles and render sacrifices and worship to these idol gods. The high places in biblical times was a place that had a negative influence on the people of God. We remember the story of king Solomon, and how he built idoltrious high places for his foreign wives and began to worship the idol gods with them. The high places initially was intended to worship Jehovah and no other idol gods. We see Abram built an altar in Schem and worship God there. We also notice Jacob set up stones pillar at at Bethel and Moses meet with the LORD at Sinai. Josiah the king of Israel broke down the shrines and altars of Baal at the high places and restore pure worship to Jehovah. What are the high places in your life that need to come down in order for you to render true, uninterupted worship to God? We will anwer these questions on the broadcast. Join us.