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Real-Life Adventure Stories. The Life Of A Journalist

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Linda B James, "The Lady With The Moves" ( interviews Greg Dobbs, Emmy-Award winning journalist.

Few people who watch their nightly news recognize what it takes for journalists to cover and report the news.  And fewer understand that their news—even from a top journalist like Greg Dobbs—is gathered under often challenging, emotional and life-threatening circumstances. For over 30 years Dobbs has been (literally) dodging bullets to cover news from the world’s wrong lanes—the lane headed toward a catastrophe. It’s where journalists live as they track down a story, and it’s smack dab in danger zones like Belfast, Afghanistan, Iran or Uganda. Or it’s in a place tempered by the wildly absurd, like in a field with the recently deposed Colonel Muammar Gaddafi aboard a tractor as the Libyan leader tries unsuccessfully to figure out how to turn the engine off.

On-air this veteran television journalist unveils the stories behind the news, as he shares:

  • Why the local press is still feared in Russia and many developing nations.
  • Examples of news censorship in Libya, Russia, Iran and other countries.
  • How dangerous the job of reporting overseas news really is. 

Greg Dobbs is a two-time Emmy-winning correspondent who has covered some of the biggest news stories of the 20th and 21st centuries. LIFE IN THE WRONG LANE: Why Journalists Go In When Everyone Else Wants Out is his second book and covers all the funny, stupid, dangerous, and unbelievable things he’s done and encountered, in pursuit of a good and truthful story.

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