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Join me, Linda West, Physic/medium, the Angel Lady for some straight talk about life with the Divine. We are all creating our own reality, no matter how you choose to view it, its all about the Energy. Never fear we have help, always!!! The Angels surround you with love, remember its all about your empowerment!!! Call in early for your reading and get some positive information on how to live your life in a more fulfilling way!!!
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Yes, times can be challenging but hey, we got Angels. You've got questions Angels have answers!! Call in early for your reading!!

Life is always an adventure!! haer what the Angels have to say about your adventure. The message is always positive and uplifting, call in early for your reading!!!

Guidance is coming your way, tired, had enough, can't figure it out? You have Angels, get your reading, call in early to get in line. You are dearly loved, know it, feel it, its a fact!

WE are all experiencing interesting times, the Angels want you to be empowered to be able to not just get through this time on earth but to be abundant in these times...Its all about joy and love. Call in early for your reading!!!

Its time to be empowered!!! So many things seem to look so negative, but lets not go there. The Angels can take any situation and turn it into something that benefits you. Stay tuned and learn how, call in early for your reading!!!

Our lives were meant to be simple, easy and full of joy!! If that is true why are things so complicated, expensive and difficult. Well this physical world can be tricky but have we forgotten that we are connected to God/dess, the love energy,... more

Did you know each of us has Angels around us, ready and willing to help. This Thursday its all about you, the guidance is always loving and positive,call in early to get your own Angel reading and remember you are dearly loved!!

The year is flying by and its time to put ourselves in the higher Divine energy. Lets embrace our own power to create our lives. Love, joy, peace, abundance and health, its all yours...just Believe, trust, detach, put love into situation and its... more

Its the last Thursday of the month and its all about you. Join me and the Angels for a loving and informative show. You've got questions and its time to connect with Divine energy for answers. Your spiritual connection is the most... more

Do you have any idea how important you are? The energy you carry? Each of us impacts others lives and the more you love yourself, the more joy you have the higher your frequency is. The Angels encourage us to seek joy, then this energy... more
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