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Linda Campbell

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the Hypno Dojo is a place of learning for anyone interested in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. There are three essential parts of having a successful practice; Mindset, Mastery and Marketing. By Mindset, I mean that you need to be free of any limiting beliefs that could stand in the way of your practice thriving. Many people in the alternative health practices do not think like a businessperson or they have a lack mentality or feel "icky" selling themselves and their services.So, at times The Hypno Dojo will focus on helping you to develop a mindset of abundance, self belief and business acumen. To be a Master s to have developed excellence in the skills of Hypnotherapy. You should be able to gt tangible results with a client within three sessions and know what to do if that is not the case. So--at times I will be giving you tips and hints to develop your skill as a Hypnotherapist. And, of course, what good is great skill and a good attitude if your ideal clients cant find you? The third essential that you must have in place is your marketing. Hypnotherapy is unique because there is stigma and misunderstanding about what we do. So we must market in a way that informs, educates and reassures. We must build a relationship with our potential client and earn their trust before they even contact us for a session.s I will provide plenty of strategies for marketing in a way that feels authentic. About me: I have worked as a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1999 and maintain a private practice in Victoria BC. I have worked with clients on a variety of issues including weight reduction, smoking cessation, pain management, post traumatic stress disorder, fears and phobias, anxiety disorders, insomnia, fertility and birthing, and stress. I hold specialty certification in Holistic Hypnoanalysis, Metaphysical Counseling, Forensic Hypnosis, Pain Management and Hypnobirthing. I teach Hypnotherapy at my PCTIA approved school, the Horizon Center ,offering both in pe

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Do you make as much money as you would like? Or do you live paycheck to paycheck? Do you have enough money for all of the things you need and want? Or do you feel like you are scrimping to get by? why do some people seem to have all the luck when it comes to money and others are constantly struggling? In this episode we will look at the money mind set-- how it is established, whether t is working for you, and how it can be changed.
  • by Linda Campbell
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