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I have worked as a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1999 and maintain a private practice in Victoria BC. I have worked with clients on a variety of issues including weight reduction, smoking cessation, pain management, post traumatic stress disorder, fears and phobias, anxiety disorders, insomnia, fertility and birthing, and stress. I hold speciality certification in Holistic Hypnoanalysis, Metaphysical Counseling, Forensic Hypnosis, Pain Management and Hypnobirthing. Recognizing the need for quality education in the field of Hypnotherapy, I combined my degree in Education and my passion for Hypnotherapy to open a Hypnotherapy School, the Horizon Center, in 2004. Since that time, I have provided quality hands-on training in Hypnotherapy offering small, intimate class sizes, meaningful demonstrations, interactive class formats and informative, lifechanging and inspiring curriculum. The Horizon Center has been recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association for Excellence in Hypnotherapy training since it's conception. I was a frequent guest on the AM radio talk show "Talk It Over” with host Terry Spence, appearing over 50 times to discuss various aspects and applications of hypnotherapy. I have also appeared on CFUV 101.9 Fm, the University Of Victoria Radio program and have twice been fearuted on The Daily Show (Shaw TV). Recently I appeared as a special guest on The Zone 91.3 where I helped morning show radio host, Jason Lamb kick his smoking habit with on-air smoking cessation sessions. An avid speaker, I have presented for a number of groups including The Cowichan Hospice Society, the Certified Dental Assistants Association, Healthy Schools, School District 61, St. Andrews School and the Global birth Institute. I have presented on several occassions to Camosun College Psychology, Dental Assistant and Holistic Health care students.

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Linda Campbell, Registered Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist, will lead you through a hypnosis session designed to help you develop a more positive perspective. The thoughts we think create our suffering! NOT the events that... more

It is NOT the events in our lives that cause us suffering. It is how we choose to think about those events. And this is GOOD news because we may not have control over the events but we DO have control over our perspective. Tune in... more

In this episode, I will be leading you through a hypnosis session designed to help you understand, and thereby eliminate your cravings. It doesn't matter WHAT or WHO you crave! Be it sugar, alcohol, carbs, coffee, drugs, a person, gambling,... more

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For those of you who constantly say to yourself "I'll do it tomorrow" I have got a special treat. In this hypnosis session, I will be guiding you through a process to understand and release procrastination once and for all. When I get through with... more

Do you always tell yourself "I'll do that tomorrow"? Do you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it---but getting it done is quite another thing? In this show I am going to give you a quiz to see what is behind your procrastination. I will also be... more

As a hypnotherapist, weight loss clients often tell me that WHEN they lose weight they will love their bodies. I believe that it works the other way around. No one is ever motivated to greatness by being badgered, put down or beat up.... more

I have been on both ends of the weight loss struggle--- I have followed diets, counted calories, both hated and loved my scale, eaten waayyy too much cabbage soup and tried different supplements to increased weight loss. I have... more