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Linda Campbell

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the Hypno Dojo is a place of learning for anyone interested in or learning about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. There are three essential parts of having a successful practice; Mindset, Mastery and Marketing. By Mindset, I mean that you need to be free of any limiting beliefs that could stand in the way of your practice thriving. Many people in the alternative health practices do not think like a businessperson or they have a lack mentality or feel "icky" selling themselves and their services.So, at times The Hypno Dojo will focus on helping you to develop a mindset of abundance, self belief and business acumen. To be a Master s to have developed excellence in the skills of Hypnotherapy. You should be able to gt tangible results with a client within three sessions and know what to do if that is not the case. So--at times I will be giving you tips and hints to develop your skill as a Hypnotherapist. And, of course, what good is great skill and a good attitude if your ideal clients cant find you? The third essential that you must have in place is your marketing. Hypnotherapy is unique because there is stigma and misunderstanding about what we do. So we must market in a way that informs, educates and reassures. We must build a relationship with our potential client and earn their trust before they even contact us for a session.s I will provide plenty of strategies for marketing in a way that feels authentic. About me: I have worked as a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1999 and maintain a private practice in Victoria BC. I have worked with clients on a variety of issues including weight reduction, smoking cessation, pain management, post traumatic stress disorder, fears and phobias, anxiety disorders, insomnia, fertility and birthing, and stress. I hold specialty certification in Holistic Hypnoanalysis, Metaphysical Counseling, Forensic Hypnosis, Pain Management and Hypnobirthing. I teach Hypnotherapy at my PTIB approved school, the Horizon Ce

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In the first part of this series we looked at how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder manifests. In Part 2 we began exploring techniques for addressing it using Hypnotherapy. This show will continue along giving you a plethora of approaches... more

This episode wwill cover several different approaches for treating post Traumatic istress with hypnotherapy

In this episode we will discuss what PTSD is-- The signs and symptoms, the types of events that cause PTSD-- and we will begin to look at how PTSD can be addressed using Hypnotherapy

There has been a lot of talk about inflammation lately-- whether it is a client struggling with food sensitivities, trying to correct Irritable Bowel Syndrome or deal with the pain of arthritis-- it all comes down to inflammation. In this episode... more

After performing on stage for 28 years, Oss has retrained himself in the therapuetic use of Hypnosis. Tune in for this lively discussion about what he needed to adjust in order to work with clients.

Oss Delgado was a stage hypnotist who worked for almost 30 years in Central and South America performing over 10,000 shows in his time. He has taken my Hypnotherapy training and has a lot to say about what he had to unlearn and... more

This episode will look at some of the common characterisitcs and coping mechanisms of people with complex trauama as well as strategies for helping them using hypnotherapy

Complex trauma shapes how we see the world, ourselves and other people. It leads to coping strategies that can be damaging over time as well as limiting beliefs . In this episode we will look at some of the common beliefs developed... more

Complex trauma is what is often behind addiction, sexual dysfunction, PTSD, anxiety disorders, relationship issues---many of the issues your client comes in to resolve. And yet the client isn't even aware they have experienced trauma... more