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Suspect #1 in Mystery Cell Towers: US Federal Government

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For the past week, we have seen multiple news outlets reporting that tech companies like EDS America have discovered rogue cell phone towers all around Washington, DC.  Specifically, EDS has said the towers exist near the White House, the US Capitol Building and the US Supreme Court.

Does anyone else find this to be a little too coincidental?  Some tech "experts" have claimed that these towers must be the work of a foreign government or criminal gangs.  Really?  If this was the case, I guarantee that the FCC would already have triangulated the location of these towers, exposed the owning entity and had them disabled and removed.

Who is the most likely culprit here?  Anyone...Bueller?  How about good ol' Uncle Sam?

The federal government (most likely NSA or FBI) is the single most logical explanation.  This is the only scenario that explains why we haven't heard who is behind these "mysterious" towers.

Last week, while in DC, I noticed a tree on the South lawn of the White House with some sort of antenna or light on top of it (see attached image).  Could this be one of the mystery cell towers?  Grabbing all of the data off of my cell phone in the name of national security (unconstitutionally)?

While I doubt this particular tree is being used to house one of the towers, I would not be surprised at all if there was an interceptor tower on the White House grounds.  You see, if the federal government is running this operation, they can place the equipment on federal property clandestinely and refuse to answer all questions, in the name of...national security.

Who do you think is behind the rogue, hacker towers?