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Intro. This show is about us the people the working class, moms, dads and #military personal (as the wife of a Marine) relating to everyday life giving it to you real in my #murphyslaw virtual studio. Giving free exposure via interviews to entrepreneurs, self-employed, dreamers, hidden talents, small biz owners they don't have to pay for. I also give #IndependentArtist with good clean music an opportunity to have their songs played on this show free.. That's the working class is paying for enough don't you think WE are supporting the rich and the poor. #middlemanentertainment #linajones #diamondnetwork #diamondtalk #diamonddelights #socialmedia #ljdnshow #twitter #facebook #instagram. Check me out

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Lol!! What up family? First off, I want to say I miss yawl and I was really fighting with myself today, because I have been so busy at work. But at the same time I didn't want to go another week without a live show! So, I decided to do a show that would be fun and a tad bit crazy but fun!! Don't get me wrong I wanted to do a Christmas show bout stress candy food and Santa Claus coming down the chimney. But am going to change it up a bit! This week's show I will be asking the question ?What do the lonely do around the holidays?? And part 2 of this question is ?If you are the side chick or man how do you feel when the holiday's come around knowing that your relationship is hard to explain?? So please chime in and give me your input and share a story if you have one! Thanks again for your support and as always give a helping hand. Love yawl until tonight be blessed, I'm out Jay.
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