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Two Minds Collide.

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Tonight we will end Black History Month with more commentary on HIdden Colors and talk more about a new documentary, 500 years later. There might be a few things you didn't even know was twisted and turned around to confuse you... more

Tonight we will be continuing the discussion on the eye opening, informative documentary, Hidden Colors, produced by Tariq Nasheed. We will be joined by Toyin Oluwole. Toyin has an incredibly insightful mind, and a creative way of... more

In ancient times, Jesus was depicted as black. The Moors brought over knowledge and civilization from Africa. And in 2013, you have all been lied too. In this revealing documentary, Hidden Colors, historians uncover the truths about... more

Interracial dating... Ahhh!!! Chocolate and Vanilla and maybe some Caramel in the mix. People of different cultures, countries and shades have been getting together for centuries. Only in the last 50 yrs or so has it been acceptable in... more

Our nation is suffering from severe obesity, heart disease and cancer as a result of our food industry. What can we do as citizens to take personal responsibility for our health? Is there a way out of this seemingly inevitable epidemic? Tonight... more

The thoughts that you think about yourself are very important. Those thoughts are reflected in the way you look, dress, act, feel and speak. Tonight, we will be discussing Body Image and how your environment, the media, your friends and... more

Guns have been used for hundreds of years for defending one's country and self protection. On the other hand, they have also been used for violence. Tonight, we will discuss gun policies in the US as well as outside of America. We... more

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Last week, we were suppose to interview Spiritualist Oyasita during the show. Due to traffic, we weren't able to catch her during the show but the show didn't stop once she arrived. Listen as we discuss tarot cards and how she uses... more

On the journey of Life, we gain many things including wonderful relationships with other. We call them "friend." But, what does that mean? How do frienships make or break us? Tonight we will explore how the frienships we gain and lose... more