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Two Minds Collide.

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Too much talk, critisim, and judgement. Not enough acts of love and kindness. Tonight, we will discuss the externalisation of God, the humanizaton of God, and the masculazation of God. An interesting topic that is sure to stir up some... more

Tonight we will discuss how the American media misinforms the public and how our educational system has failed us. HOSTED BY: SHEENA EVE RUBET AND SILENT REBELL

Tonight we are airing a previous show that we thought our listeners would love to hear again. Are you the Black Sheep? With your hosts SHEENA EVE RUBET & SILENT REBELL

We are having a special program discussing the issue of POLICE BRUTALITY AND STOP & FRISK in NYC communities of color. We will be chatting with David McFly about his recent police brutality case against the NYPD. Please show him... more

Tonight we will be discussing some recent events and interesting things that happened in the past week. Entertainment, Life, Music, FUNNY!! Tonight with your hosts: SHEENA EVE RUBET & THE SILENT REBEL

How has our idea of romance and love been influnced by movies, reality shows, and music videos? Do you think we have unrealistic expectations of our partners as a result? Tune in tonight and tell us what you think! Hosted by SILENT... more

Are you the black sheep of your family? Are you the one that is cut from a different clothe? Do you stand out? Are you the rebel? IF SO, then join us tonight as we discuss what it's like to be the odd one of the bunch! HOSTED... more

Lets talk about Sex. What your first time like? Was it everything you thought it would be? Or was the fantasy better? Tonight we will chat about what role society plays in our views and experience with sex. We will explore Taboos and... more

Let's talk about the GREEN STUFF!!! There is an old adage that states, "The Love of Money is the Root of ALL EVIL." When hearing this saying, one can only wonder how deeply true this statement is. Money, in it of itself, is not evil. But,... more

Have you ever watched p*rn? Of course you have. It's one of the world's greatest money makers. Tonight, we will discuss the physiological and social effects of p*rn on an individual, over time. We will also discuss the growing popularity... more