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Rod Amis, well-known Blogger, social media pundit and journalist talks with some of the great thinkers of our time about life on this small blue marble.

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A change of plans...

  • by g21guy
Hello listeners!I certainly appreciate those of you that are continuing to tune in. Apologies for the scheduling conflict of last week. Due to personal issues, I will be canceling shows for the next 2-3 weeks, but should be back on the air... more

University of Texas Professor Joseph Straubhaar talks with us about the international appeal of telenovelas.

Thanks But...

  • by g21guy
Hi!I certainly appreciate it when you tune in and listen to our show, when you subscribe via iTunes, or download the show. It's wonderful. So thank you. BUT remember - as I'm advised by the folks here at BTR - it also helps much if you... more

Join Rod, Christina, Field Negro and guests as we bring back the monthly panel format to talk about the issues of the day. Primary season is here and don't think we've forgotten.

Tina Gasperson of Linux.com and Newsforge talks to us about what's new in the world of Open Source.

Links for Civic Engagement

  • by g21guy
Hiya, As promised at the end of the last broadcast, I'm posting some of the sites and Blogs we mentioned where you can get socially and politically involved - both in your own community and in the nation. These are part of the answer to the... more

Rod and Christina talk with Silona Bonewald of the League of Technical Voters and Taylor Willingham of Texas Forums (an initiative of the LBJ Library) about building an online transparent federal budget. Former Senator and Presidential... more


  • by g21guy
HiI made two factual errors during the latter part of Sunday's Lightning Strikes Group broadcast for which I must apologize.First I misnamed a film as "To Live and Die in Denver". The actual title of the film is "Things to Do in Denver When... more

Rod Amis, "Field Negro" Wayne Bennett, Special Guests and YOU talk about the issues of the day, the holiday whirl and more. Join us live.