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LUwJC #011 Is Judgment Cutting the Fun Out of Your Life?

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Lighten Up With Jen and Cheri

Lighten Up With Jen and Cheri


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LUwJC #011 Is Judgment Cutting the Fun Out of Your Life?

Most of us have been taught to view the world as Right or Wrong and to make decisions based on the Rightness or Wrongness of something. We learned to Align and agree when we judge something to be Right or Accurate or Resist and React when we judge something to be Wrong or Bad. This way of life creates separation and contributes to Drama and Trauma in our lives.

Allowance is viewing the world as a continuous stream of choices that are all just an Interesting Point of View. There is no attachment to Right or Wrong. There is no Charge or Upset about the thing changing or not. It is an experience of Observing with no Judgment, yet being aware of everything and making Choices based on what you observe.

Today on Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri we are sharing our personal experiences about how Judgment cut off a lot of our uniqueness and how living from a space of Allowance brought us back to living a life filled with Joy, Creativity, Expansiveness, Spontaneity and Fun!

Is it time YOU stop using Judgment to cut the Fun, Joy and Craziness out of your Life?
Join Jen Halterman and Cheri Gillham for this conversation about this One Skill that when they began living from it, changed their Lives Completely!

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