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There is plenty to KNOW and LEARN and nothing to F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) at this time. Be part of this adventure and put your best forward, that is, an open mind and heart as the unfolding manifestations of our time take place. Join us here as we present information and insights, controversy and candor, educate and entertain you, feed your mind, spirit, and enlighten your SOUL, here in the space that is the place to see and HEAR "The Light"...

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Formerly the Saturday Morning Car Wash Old School R&B, well as they say "A Rose is a SONG by Rose Royce". A dedication to the dedicated not the medicated, those who remember the time and the classic Soul music of the... more

Lucid Dreaming and the dual consciousness of reality and the dream state. Are we all sleepwalkers and if so how and what can we do to awake from the dream? And what about the dream? What is there about our deams that we dont know... more

Back in the day there was an activity that took place in almost every city in the country on Saturday morning. It was the carwash and music show lol! Old school jams today, but they were the sound of the Saturday morning carwash... more

F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing to be Real. It would appear that someone wants everyone operating on fear of a variety of different things. Why? Even a lot of the bravado rhetoric heard around lately is a response to being afraid or... more

Who is Tim Morrow? Besides being the Founder of The University of Common Sense and Tomorrow Inc., A health and wellness information center in the Los Angeles area you could possibly call Tim a modern day renaissance man. This... more

In this segment we will take a look at and explore some best practices for utilizing our ability to manifest our thought form into reality not only in the form of material gain but more importantly health and well being. There is a lot of... more

Do you remember back in the day when you rolled up at the carwash on Saturday morning and you heard all the jams that got you hyped for the rest of the weekend? You were bumpin' there were fine ladies out there posen' til chosen... more

A conversation with Dr. Delbert Blair of the Meta Center. Dr. Blair is a Scholar and expert in the field of energy healing, metaphysics, and alternative sciences. You will be inspired and given insights on what options are available to you to... more

A continuation of our discussion about the energy behind money. This weeks focus is on creative energy and becoming a money "magnet". The books by Dr. Maria Nemeth, Ph.D "The Energy Of Money" and Stuart Wilde "The Trick To... more

We will be discussing segments from various books and materials that give us a more subjective "how to " perspective on shaping one's own reality. There are tools each of us has in our possession to co-create the world we choose to... more