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A Hero Unlikely / The Hazards of "Mechanical Emotions"

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This past week we witnessed a strange incident of 3 now adult young ladies who had been kidnapped as teens and missing for the last 10 years and the man who was INSTRUMENTAL in their rescue, Charles Ramsey. What I want to weigh in on is why the focus almost IMMEDIATELY went to clowning this man and what appeared to me, throwing him under the bus as though some were almost mad that it was a "common brutha" that just happened to be the one. Many a talkshow host on TV and radio, and many a blog thread went to the attack in the name of "humor", almost losing sight of the main event and that was the rescue of the 3 women and them getting their life back. More negative(um funny) things have been said about him and a deliberate effort to cleverly villify him on some level for acting the way we are all supposed to act. I will give you a perspective on what may REALLY be happening here. This was not a prefabbed, media friendly, mind control agendized charicature, nor was he the likely candidate in the current cultural backdrop. I will juxtapose his archtype to Wil Smith's character in the movie a few years back called Hancock and give YOU notice on what to be on the lookout for from the GOOD SIDE moving forward. It definitely will be food for thought.

In the second segment, we'll look at the difference between genuine heartfelt emotions and the 'logical" approach to being a loving BE-ing which originates as an "idea" in the MIND or part of a manipulation and not actually from the heart chakra. For many, mechanical emotion and VERY CONDITIONAL love may appear a safe way to engage the emotions but it's not real and ultimately will reveal itself and it's thorns. This is a time as the ancients said, where we must learn to think with our heart . I'll explain what that means and how we all can avoid the mechanical emotional. Be sure to join us today and bring your open mind...and heart.