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Find out What's not in Balance - Getting to Know your Tytron Scan?

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Dr Jon Thomas

Dr Jon Thomas


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When people go to the doctor, one of the first things that happens is that a nurse or an assistant takes their temperature. Usually they use a disposable thermometer under the tongue. Medical professionals know the importance of body temperature. Chiropractors know that there is also excellent information to be found by looking at temperatures all over the body. They know that wherever there is a hot spot or a cool spot, there could be a problem. All of the organs in a human body are controlled by the Central Nervous System. Nerves run from the brain and down the spinal column. From there, they innervate various organs throughout the body, including the heart, the lungs, and the skin. Each of the nerves leaving the spinal column innervates specific areas of the skin. Normally there is symmetry in skin temperature. By symmetry, I mean that the temperature on one side of the spine should be the same temperature as the temperature directly on the other side of the spine. However, when there is interference in a nerve, it throws the body’s temperature symmetry out of balance. In this weeks episode of Life in Balance we will explore the benefits of a Tytron scan. So tune in and learn how this non-invasive scan can help your chiropractor diagnose your problems.

You can learn more about a Tytron scan by reading the accompanying article here - http://vibranthealthylife.blogspot.com/2016/10/what-is-tytron-scan.html

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