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Conservative Bloggers Combating Moonbattery and Leftwing Lunacy Weekly: Drive-by-Media, Americanism, Constitutional Law, 2008 Elections, Democrat Corruption, Iraq and Terrorism

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Joining us this Sunday will be resident LLP Law Expert Charles to discuss the flurry of important Supreme Court decisions handed down this week. Also, Charles and Paul will debate the legality and the impact of closing Gitmo.... more
Lifelike Pundits

Terrorist Rights in the 21st Century

  • by Lifelike Pundits
Close Gitmo? Confer Habeus Corpus rights on terrorists?Should the federal courts play a role in a war?Lifelike Pundits legal scholar Charles of DND, Law School and Life wrote a three part series on the legal issues surrounding detention at... more
Lifelike Pundits

Supreme Court Decisions: Bush's Lasting Domestic Legacy

  • by Lifelike Pundits
Bush's true domestic policy legacy will be that the Supreme Court will not be creating policy from the bench. Three important decisions were handed down by the Roberts' Court and created hysteria among left-wingers who look to the... more
Lifelike Pundits

Michael Moore's "Sicko" Reviewed at Lifelike Pundits

  • by Lifelike Pundits
Michael Moore professes disdain for Hillary Clinton, but makes a propaganda film for her move to nationalize 1/6th of the nations economy (nationalize as in Hugo Chavez nationalizing oil).Paul from In My Taxi took a look at the online movie... more

Joining us this Sunday will be Pam to discuss her new gig at Newsbusters, the CAP Talk Radio "Study" and the MSNBC Journalist Donations Report. Paul will be with us as well for all things Sopranos!!!

Discussion on the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Racism Charge in the Immigration Debate

Lifelike Pundits Pam and Kitty will introduce themselves; I'll have some brief thoughts on the recent news from JFK and immigration
Lifelike Pundits

JFK Terrorist Plot Foiled

  • by Lifelike Pundits
DetailsAll the noise and static fall away...Bush is the man keeping us safe.All the conservative complaints about Gonzales and the fact he cannot get his notes together for a press conference seem silly when he's been spearheading... more