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We entertain with teachable moments and encourage the sharing of lessons from generation to generation.

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Dr. Darrell Bock is the NYT bestselling author of 'Breaking the Da Vinci Code' (written in 2004 to challenge the historicity of various extra-biblical ideas expressed in the movie), author of the newly-released 'Truth Matters:... more
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Bill Peach, a man of wisdom, 24 year school board member, 30 year Housing Authority advisor and former fashion retailer from Franklin, Tennessee shares his interesting life lessons.

Our P&G book interviews continue with David Brandon, Athletic Director for The University of Michigan.

Dr. Dave Stevens, CEO of the Christian Medical and Dental Association shares his life lessons and discusses his new book, Leadership Proverbs.

On this day when we lost a Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor and her mother are remembered in a short poignant life lesson.

Jay Sethi, former executive in the pharmaceutical world of oncology and now entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary, shares his life lessons.

Our P&G book interview continues with Daniela Riccardi

Daniela Riccardi provides her voice into the P&G Alumni Network book focused on core values

Our P&G Alumni Book interviews continue with Jim Hackett, CEO of Steelcase.

Don Kallil, founder of Design Design, shares his life lessons and legacy stories from his family. Of particular interest is the history of his company and his intriguing Aunt Mary Anne, chocolatier extraordinaire.

Executive film producer Suzanne Lyons joins us to promote her upcoming movie The Chaperone.
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