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Chronic pelvic pain, painful sex and heavy bleeding may send some women to the doctor fearing the worst – the need for removal of their reproductive organs. But while physicians perform hysterectomies on more than 500,000 women in America each year, new research shows that one in five of those women may not even need the surgery. Top hysterectomy surgeon and medical advisor Dr. Lori Warren is answering questions for women who need help now! Each year millions of women visit their doctors after suffering from pelvic and abdominal pain and many may be told they need to have a hysterectomy. For young women who want to have children, having a hysterectomy is a devastating blow. Even women over 40 have lots of questions about how it will affect their health. But new research suggests that as many as 1 in 5 women may not even need the surgery. 1. Dr. Warren, why bring attention to this now and dedicate the month of May to awareness? 2. The research shows some pretty shocking statistics. Why are so many women having hysterectomies that don't need them? 3. Why is this surgery so often seen as a ?go to solution? by Ob-Gyn doctors? 4. In this day in age, why do younger women avoid talking about the symptoms they're facing, even with their own doctors? 5. If so many women don't need to have the surgery, who really needs it and who doesn't? Visit www.hysterectomy.org for more information.
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