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Life Lessons is about testing everything in life and keeping what is good. Our dream is to create a nation of mentors that unleash the full potential of humans. To date, we have over 2 million mentors and proteges well on their way to a transformed life.

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Life Lessons presents Aaron Edelheit and his new book THE HARD BREAK: The Case for the 24/6 Lifestyle. What if the secret to success, happiness, communication, productivity is one of the 10 commandments? THE HARD BREAK examines the need for Sabbath - mentally, physically, spiritually. It tells Aaron's personal story, along with now science is proving what scripture has told us. If we want to be better at our jobs, have better communication in our families, lead healthier lives, be more creative - one of the best ways to start is by remembering the Sabbath! This is especially true of people in ministry, busy parents, and entrepreneurs who feel like they have to be tethered to their phones. A few talking points: How science is backing what scripture states as the 4th Commandment The 7 Steps to a Successful Sabbath What overuse of technology is doing to our brains, our families, our businesses Ways to unplug - how to get your family to turn off their social media one day a week. Why Americans find it so hard to actually use their vacation days What we can learn from the sports world when it comes to learning to take a break What are the physical responses from taking a ?Hard Break? Aaron was on a fast-track to a wealth of health issues, and was suffering personally and emotionally. It took him 3 years to really embrace the idea of Sabbath - and it has not only changed his life. It's changed how he does business. It's helped his family. It's helped his employees.
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