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We will discuss real life situations ranging from work to relationships. From of people thats living it. Live Guest, Music... Just Real from Real People

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This Thursday on Reel Talk radio we are addressing a lot of subjects.... We gone speak on Child Support, We gone talk about NBA Playoffs, We gone talk about Facebook groups... We gone talk about it all... And we gone do some live on air... more

Whats going on in the news today? Check out the REEL TALK RADIO FAM as we discuss different breaking news topics thats going on in he world. Also we will continue our talking on how we can take back and up lift out Black Community.... more

We are exploring the options of How Do you Rebuild the Black Community that has been torn down for centuries? Do you often wonder what ?The Black Community? would be like if they bonded together? The heyday of the ?Harlem... more

Music has a way of touching people to the core of their hearts. One swift note, or meldoy being played can changes a person thinking. The mere thought of words that are able to impact a person to change is quite powerful. Tonight we are... more

Everyone know sex sells, so why is a person sexuality so important in these times? People are coming out of the closet left and right and the world is praising them for their openness. Can someone please explain why Jason Collins is... more

Out With The Old in With What's New It seems like every few year's fashion trends are constantly changing. What is seen as in style now is soon out dated as quickly as they come in, however; history seems to repeat it's self. In the early... more

Acts 3:16 And his name, through faith in His name, has made this man strong, whom you see and know. Yes, the Faith, which comes through Him, has given him this prefect soundness in the presence of you all. Many days are... more

Have you ever had a question that you feel like that nobody could answer?.... Well I have, So Tonight let the nobodies at REElTALK RADIO answer your questions. We are taking all questions, No subject is taboo... Let us know whats... more

Drewski is Back in the A so tonite we Live from the Kitchen... This is the place where it all started, So tonite we gone be on this Pure Foolery!!.... Join us as we discuss Facebook!!... Facebook Groups, Facebook Players, Facebook... more

Tonite from 9pm to 11pm . The Reel Talk Radio Fam will debate about Man Law and Women Law Violations " What are some of the myths you have heard in regards to these laws? How has what you heard shaped your thoughts on the... more