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This week we will be talking to DeAnna Lorraine about how to get inner game in your love life!

Deanna is a industry leader and is known for the amazing results she helps women get in their dating and love lives!

Tuesday, Deanna will be telling us:

  • The first steps to searching for your soulmate
  • Ways to create instant attaction and sex appeal on dates
  • Biggest mistakes women make in dating
  • What is inner game and why is it so important for women to develop

DeAnna Lorraine is one of America’s leading Dating & Relationship Coaches and Expert as well a Matchmaker and Host of her own Blog Talk Radio & TV Show, Mastering the Modern Dating Jungle with DeAnna Lorraine. Known for her uncanny insight into dating & attraction and her unique approach that includes Life Coaching, Hypnosis & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), DeAnna transforms women’s dating & love lives from dull and distressed to sizzling success! (Located in San Diego & serving clients nationwide)


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