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Setting Goals is Easy. Maintaining is Hard. Here's How. Knowing what we want in life is only half the battle, the other half is actually attaining our goals. Attaining them doesn't have to be hard. Positive changes that will lead you to your life's dreams are within your grasp. When we think of having to change something in our life, we all put a wall up of negativity assuming it is going to be hard and make it harder on ourselves. It is easy to break that wall down if you know how. Discover the simple keys you've been missing and how to break free of negative behaviors that are holding you back. Universe Talks with Monica Ortiz applies the wisdom of the Universal Principles to show you how to manifest a happy and successful life. There is no religious slant, only effective advice on how to take your life to the next level and increase your life's happiness, good health, and success. Monica has helped thousands of people develop stronger relationships, finish degrees, open businesses, pursue their passions, and improve their sense of fulfillment and happiness. Monica Ortiz is a Life Coach, Author, Speaker and a prominent figure in the Hollywood entertainment world as a Writer and Producer. She has helped people of all types and backgrounds find greater success. Her debut book provides a new method to personal growth that has led to speaking at institutions such as Stanford University on topics from Success in Your Career & Relationships to Shifting Your Energy & Shaping Your Reality. She is the founder of The Universe Series, an organization bringing tools that will teach you how to live your life filled with happiness, love, good health, and success.
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Learning to build strong relationships is critical to success in our personal and professional lives. In this show we will discuss effective ways to excel in this area. We will also share some valuable tips on how to identify the underlying issues... more

LEANNE PARSONS is welcoming Tammy Jo today! Tammy Jo Johnson is a Changing Future Outcomes Expert, Seminar Leader, Speaker and Author of ?From the Ground Up: Overcome the Past and Rebuild Your Confidence.?... more

This song from the musical Rent was an instant classic. The cast urges the audience to live for today, and not put off the important things, important people and experiences until tomorrow, next year or ?when the time is right?.... more

On this broadcast, Danielle brings back guest Brianna Rose, and together they reveal how to communicate with your spirit tribe, especially the archangels. Based on the success of their last broadcast, they will continue to hold LIVE... more

How to Make The Changes You Need. Monica will be speaking with Sam Czertok, co-host of the Oneness Podcast - Fun With The One and author of "God's Little Secret". They will discuss how to make the changes you need, life's energy,... more

Free Live Coaching Hour! Call in for some free coaching on wherever your stuck! Relationship challenge? Business Challenge? Personal life challenge? Bring it on! ________________________________________________ Mark My Words! airs... more

Nika Annon ( interviews Dr. Mauro Zappaterra. The interview will focus on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as well as how he combines his training in rehabilitation medicine, research, nutrition, and various complementary and... more

Do you wonder why you always seem to spend more than you make even though you say you won't? Do you constantly have fights with your partner over money and find that you don't see eye-to-eye? Are you constantly late paying bills yet... more

Many of us grew up believing in angels, we know we have our guardian protector or that angelic person giving insight propped up on our shoulder like in the cartoons. Though we often forget. Angels truly are here to give us guidance &... more