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How often does it happen that we easily give up when the mere act of waiting becomes tiresome, burdensome, and overwhelming? How often do we submit to, "What's the use?" or "Who cares?" How often do we yield to feelings of helplessness, limit our options, and refuse to change? Please join me and my co-hosts Pasha Cook and Tamarra Causley Robinson on my Blog Talk Radio show on Active Waiting. We will discuss this positive alternative to impatience. An incubation period when we can hold onto our vision and accept that our lives are in process, and a time in which we can wait calmly for something desired.
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Courtship - What's that? The media presents relationships as something to 'have' in order to be happy. On top of that, there are hundreds of ways to meet people on and offline. After the attraction, what comes next - courtship or dating?... more

A call-in show discussing topics of spirituality, theology, christianity and culture from a progressive point of view. This show is on every 2nd and 4th Monday night of the month at 8pm EDT, 5pm PDT. To join the conversation call us at... more

What is life coaching? Do I need it? Do I want it? How do I know if it'll help me? Chances are, you've already benefitted in some way from a coach - whether it was a football coach, a dance coach, a basketball coach or a voice coach. Life... more

LeAnne Parsons The Walk your Talk Coach at Legacy Now Lived™ is honored to welcome to her studio her friend Claudia D'Arcy! This is an encore show this week! This show aired first May of 2014! Please listen in and share!... more

In this show we will discuss how to navigate the next steps to living the life you want, whether that's in terms of your career, your relationships, etc, all while honoring who you are. We will be sharing important tips and things to consider... more

"To truly succeed in the workplace, minority employees must acquire a bi-cultural identity which enables them to differentiate the essential differences between their 'home' and 'work' personas. Ironically, the mask slips, usually due to extreme... more

Karen Cappello, BCC, PCC is a 6-figure mentor coach who works with both new and seasoned coaches to increase income and create the lives they have dreamed of. She has coached thousands of coaches over the past 10+ years.... more

Do you find your self doing really well with daily eating habits and life HAPPENS. Due to emotions you then turn to unhealthy food choices. I will be discussion emotional eating and tips on how to overcome.

LEANNE PARSONS is a CPC, ELI-MP is a certified professional coach with a specialization in working with adoptees and their families! Her unique Heirloom Coaching Process is the missing thread in the Tapestry of Adoption! Together... more