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Lynn Owens is a Women's Empowerment Coach, and a woman who walks it like she talks it. For years, Lynn hid behind the mask of perfection, while inside she was dealing with struggle juggle (ya know juggling a gazillion tasks you don't love), perfection paralysis, people pleasing, and living a life she truly did not love. Then. came the dreaded diagnosis, yep, breast cancer, and Lynn began her journey of transformation which led her to self-love, authenticity, and creating a life that she loved. http://allowspacenow.com/are-you-clear-or-muddy/ Since that time Lynn has helped women create lives they also. She is a life coach who supports women around the globe, and walks the walk that she talks. She empowers women in powerful 1:1 sessions, schedule your complimentary session today! Lynn is also the creator of the RENEW program, a 3 month group coaching program to help women release struggle juggle, anxiety, and overwhelm, and press the reset button on their lives. Lynn is a wife, mom, and enjoys reading, spending time in nature, and retail therapy when she isn't coaching divas. FREE GIFT www.nostressdiva.com
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