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"Undivided" focuses on breaking down the barriers that society places upon us which divide people by race, age, gender, religion, political views, creed, or other reasons. The show has a goal of unifying people in peace and harmony. This episode will focus on using music to unify people in peace and harmony. The use of music is one of unity, peace, and community. My guest co-host will be Diego Allessandro. Diego is a talented musician, writer, producer, and lyricist. He has developed his own songs and performed them. Diego will share his views and experiences on using music to promote peace and unity among people of all kinds and walks of life. He will also share his efforts to use music to raise funds for charitable causes. Diego has published articles on social justice and music for a variety of publications. Diego has a new single released titled "Lonely in Brooklyn" and has received critical acclaim for his musical talents. Frank J. Maduri is the host of "Undivided" and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with a coaching practice dedicated to unlocking the potential within every human being. Frank is also a writer and journalist with publishing credits for major news organzations and work distributed to 42 countries globallly. Frank is also a creative writer and has written articles on issues facing the environment and the food supply. Please join us live on Wednesday, November 1st for this compelling dialogue on music with a brilliant guest.
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