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Kim is a respected professional Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, Author, 7-Figure Earner, and Thought-Leader. She is sought after for her ability to convey to audiences provocative concepts and practical ways to deal with what she has coined as the ?monster under the bed?. Kim has been able to change the way people view their relationships, career, life goals & journey by giving them the ability to acknowledge their proverbial ?monster? while providing mechanisms for coping with it. Her blend of pure authenticity, professional but approachable accessibility, and intuitive and down-to-earth nature makes her desirable as a life coach for individuals looking for answers to how to take their personal growth and self-awareness beyond where it has currently evolved to a greater place of self-actualization and reflection. Kim's enthusiasm, humor, insights and passion for life combined with her practical experience and applications can help show individuals how to make life the best it can be and one that is further enriched. Kim spends time with her husband Joe at their homes in Nevada and Oregon. They have four children and five grandchildren. She is in high demand as a speaker for her ability to convey provocative concepts and teach the mental ninja moves necessary to deal with ?The Monster Under the Bed.? Connect with her at https://kimfiske.com/
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