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Our station has shows with 2-3 Life Coaches talking about a topic of the day, including Super Soul Sunday recap and a wide variety of personal growth areas

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This is Show #3 in our #SmallBizRocks series. As small business owners, we are so passionate about our calling and being able to make our mark in the world. But sometimes we don't realize until later in the game that there is a whole science around sharing our great gift with the world. The bottom line – you have to SELL YOURSELF. You have to market. And some businesses don't succeed because we fail to Your hosts Trina Ramsey, Kristin Young and Jennifer Flynn will be joined by two experts: Zerline Hughes, cofounder of Media Mingle and business coach JJ Carolan. JJ Carolan will talk about finding your niche and your voice, and Zerline Hughes will discuss building a sales and marketing machine – so that you will generate revenue and make a real impact on the world! We will also talk about getting past the fear of self-promotion that can keep us attaining the success we deserve. Learn more about our guests: JJ Carolan: @jjcarolan Zerline: @zerlinehughes @mediamingle Meet the hosts: Trina @PerspectivePlus Jennifer: @ dragonflyflynn Kristin: @LivingTheVows
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Join Claudette Chenevert, Debrah Mathis and Kim Ravida for a frank talk about menopause. We all know what hot flashes and hot tempers are, and private summers is a term endearingly used amongst urban divas and southern belles in... more

Show up as a secure, fearless you in who you are in all your circles. It is important to show up in your personal and professional circles and be you regardless of what circle you are in so that you don't shift who you are. Join... more

We are surrounded by it, have been deeply acculturated by it: FEAR. Fear leads to STRESS. What we read and see in the media, health-care, politics, religion, laws, school protocol, even our marriage vows can remind us that there is... more

TRANSFORMATION from the INSIDE OUT: Be More! LCRN host and Life Coach Tamarra Causley Robinson invites S. Rasheem to her monthly broadcast to discuss her journey and life work of serving others while making a permanent... more

Some people are born leaders who follow their own rules. But not all leaders are meant to be business owners. IIt's a distinct and sometimes harrowing path. This show kicks off a series on entrepreneurship. We'll discuss what it takes to be... more

We all face challenges and adventures in our lives that require us to take a leap of faith into the unknown. Join hosts Barbara Hetzel, Lisa Marie Pepe, and Claudette Chenevert as they discuss the many facets of taking that daring step.... more

Communication is the key to EVERYTHING! Real talk??? We already know this! So why is it that we find it so hard to do? Personal and professional relationships thrive when clear and honest dialog is present and becomes ugly, painful,... more

THIS SESSION WAS PRE-RECORDED Want to expand your life in unimaginable ways? Start with being OPEN. Listen in on this very dynamic conversation about how openness can lead to a reduction of fear and the need to be in control in... more

When we need to forgive, it is not really about other people. It is about US. In this episode we will discuss how to forgive and what it means when we don't. We'll also look at how we can heal when we've hurt others, and how to forgive... more

Flourishing with Chronic Illness Join Traci and Rob with our guest Kelly Stack! Kelly Stack, fellow holistic health coach and author of the upcoming book, ?Flourishing with Chronic Illness? shares some of her insights--not only as a... more