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What happens when you're faced with losing everything, being forced to start all over again? Dr. Jim Gunipero was a practicing podiatric surgeon whose life unexpectedly changed after being bitten by a tick. Over several years, Jim endured a series of debilitating illnesses that ultimately led him to face the sobering reality of giving up his sense of identity and value as a doctor--but in return also gave him a new lease on life as a heart transplant recipient. In this episode, we'll explore what severe illness can teach all of us as we hear Jim's story and how we was able to recover not only his health, but what he held most dear in life. Traci Philips, CHHC is the owner of That Certain Way To Wellness, offering Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching, assisting individuals to find the wellness within by GOAL setting, ACTION planning & aligning their CORE VALUES with the daily CHOICES they make. Traci specializes in nutrition & empowerment training and is also the founder of Wellness of Chatham, a group that meets to discuss topics concerning health and well-being in Chatham County, NC. Rob Payo understands the value of small but meaningful changes that people can make in leading healthier lives. As Rob journey has led him to serve others as a Wellness Coach, Educator, Actor, Singer, and Science Geek, his journey opens the door for others to move in their lives with less fear and greater wonder.
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