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Our station has shows with 2-3 Life Coaches talking about a topic of the day, including Super Soul Sunday recap and a wide variety of personal growth areas

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Are you up to being challenged? In this dialogue, three coaches will discuss some different aspects of our mindsets like "feeling stuck", "self perceptions", and "ways of thinking". How have these ideas been working for you? Do you feel like you are being held back? Are you looking to change your views or how you show up in a given situation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this broadcast is for you! Get ready to feel moved, changed, and set some plans of action! Three of the LCRN life coaches discuss mindset and how they overcome the struggles of limited mindset. Alison Proffit, founder of Amazing Journey Coaching, is passionate about helping women and men at the mid-point of their lives who feel stressed or stuck. It was through her 15-year journey in HR that she realized the need for people to feel more balanced personally so they could be more effective professionally -- herself included -- which led her to taking the path less traveled so she can help others do the same. Gina Sannasardo is a Christian Life Coach and founder of Peace, Joy, and You. She is passionate about partnering with Christian teens and adults that struggle with finding their identity and obtaining peace and joy in their daily life. She is devoted to sharing her first-hand experiences of freedom, joy and peace that come from living a life of purpose through sharing her message guided by the Holy Spirit. Dr. Nikki Tobias is a certified life and career coach and founder of Grounded Vision Coaching. With her background in teaching, counseling, administration, and nonprofit management, she is adept at helping clients clarify their vision and overcome the challenges that have been holding them back in order for them to live the lives they have only imagined. You can find Nikki on Facebook at Grounded Vision Coaching.
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We've all experienced it at one point or another in our lives -- if not on a regular basis. But what if there were a way to face Shame head-on, call its bluff and kick it to the curb once and for all? Would you do it? Shame, the sister to guilt, is... more

Magic, Modern Day Witches, Astrology and Pop Culture OH MY! : HALLOWEEN EPISODE Join Host Erica Wiederlight and Guest Nikki Brocco on this faBOOlous halloween special. These ladies will be discussing all things magic. Manifesting,... more

Halloween is just around the corner. Do you like to wear a costume? Do you get excited to be able to 'be someone else' for a day? Dressing up for Halloween can be super fun and even freeing, depending on our costume choice. But on the... more

Join us for a stimulating conversation on how to let your STARPOWER shine through. Renai Ellison, a seasoned training facilitator, professional development coach, talent development professional and television personality will join us to... more

Chaos vs Structure. Which do you prefer? Which trips you up the most? Which makes you feel constricted? Which makes you feel expansive? Today we will discuss how to embrace them both to best serve you...even if one is making you... more

Join me as I discuss my favorite topic....Living The Vows! I want to wrap up my week long Marriage Telesummit with tonights conversation about how we choose to live the vows we speak, whether they are our marriage vows or vows... more

San Diego native, and Brooklyn transplant, Keomi Tarver is a dancer, writer, lover, teacher and friend. She began training at the age of 12, and throughout the last decade, Keomi has showcased her work on various stages and respected... more

Women are amazing creatures. We are flexible, strong, and passionate. And once we hit 40, we get a bad rap. This show is going to celebrate the amazing talents, wisdom and grace that accompanies the aging process. We grow wiser,... more