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Our station has shows with 2-3 Life Coaches talking about a topic of the day, including Super Soul Sunday recap and a wide variety of personal growth areas

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Do you have a clear picture of where you are going? A dream without a plan is not enough. Join us for an illuminating hour. We will highlight the importance of having a destination in mind in order to guide your journey.We will highlight the roles of risk taking, planning and preparation and how the law of attraction can intervene on your behalf. Do you know how much your perspective can impact your results? We'll wrap it all up with some tips and tricks on how to make YOUR vision a reality worthy of you. Jennifer Flynn helps establish balance when you find life is living you. When you find that you are never enough, overwhelmed with work, coming in behind all others at home with no time for yourself, she brings the map and flashlight to get you back on track toward to destination of a joyful existence. With specific tools and resources, you will have vision, clarity and relief after just a few sessions. You can contact her for a free discovery session at Kristin Young is the ?Marriage Enthusiast?! She created her firm, Living The Vows, to assist with bringing joy to marriages BEFORE the proposal. Her mission is to restore the beauty, respect and value that marriage deserves by reaching 3 million married couples who are committed to ?Living the Vows…and LOVING it!? Contact Kristin at Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. Trina started her business, Perspectives Plus Coaching in 2009 after spending 15 years as a nonprofit fundraiser and experience running her own interior decorating business. For more on Trina visit
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Many of us are in some form of life transition. How does this transition impact our health & wellbeing? How can witnessing and learning what these changes mean allow us to better understand what serves our bodies and what doesn't? In this... more

As human beings, we all have difficulties in life. During times of adversity,we can either allow ourselves to be immobilized, or we can shift the way we look at these times and leap into the net of trust. Join us for this inspirational episode! About... more

Are you looking for a job? Ready to make a change? Or maybe you were recently laid off. If so this show is for you – you get TWO career coaches! Join Trina and her guest Kathleen Brady for a show packed with insights on how... more

We are all wired to help each other in this world. We draw our strength from people, books, social media, nature, you name it; anything can inspire us if we let it. Join Barbara Hetzel, Connie Rogers, and Lisa Marie Pepe as they... more

Join me as I host my debut show on Life Coach Radio Network! This is your opportunity to have fun with me as we talk Living the Vows, and all of YOUR family values!! What is it that you value when it comes to family? Call in and lets... more

How many times do we find ourselves dealing with and sometimes creating drama for ourselves and others, only to blame the situation as the core reason we're unable to move onto or live our best life? During this broadcast certified... more

Often times we are implored to become more aware and awake to our lives and our surroundings. As if we could just snap our fingers and it would be so. But developing a practice of awareness requires asking the why, the what, and the... more

Are you a superhero? Are you the dependable one that rushes to the rescue during a crisis? Do you often play multiple roles simultaneously? If so, this show is for you. Join us as we discuss the good, bad and ugly of those who often... more

Research now knows that we can rebuild our brain with the foods we put in our gut. We can change its function and structure throughout our entire life. There is a mind body connection. It's having the mastery over your mind. The challenge is... more