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Have you ever felf like you keep making mistakes in your relationships over and over again? Do you seem to repell your partner vs. getting closer to them? Are you looking for a formula to have the relationship of your dream? How would it be to re-ignite the sparks with your loved one? Well if you feel you are in this rut, then this show is for you! In this show we will cover the 3 mistakes powerful women make that repel love, the mindset shift women need to make to attract, re-ignite, and sustain lasting love, how to master your emotions and communicate them to a man in an inspiring way, and the one skill you must develop to inspire your man to meet your deepest needs and desires. Valerie Greene is a unique relationship mentor who helps women to inspire their man to fulfill their deepest needs and desires. A highly successful alternative to relationship therapy, she helps women and couples create deep emotional intimacy-- not just problem-solving or communication skills. She has shared her free e-guide with thousands of women, called ?Man-ifest Lasting Love.? You can download yours to activate the ONE simple secret that will draw a man closer and inspire his love, adoration, and devotion, no matter where your relationship is now! http://www.coachvaleriegreene.com/eguide Gina Sannasardo is a Christian life coach that supports moms that are feeling stuck, lost, exhausted and can't see the plan God created for them. She has developed a signature program called "Petals and Prayers" where moms can come together for renewal, support, acceptance, and night out for themselves! She is devoted to sharing her first-hand experiences of freedom, joy and peace that come from living a life of purpose through sharing her message guided by the Holy Spirit.
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