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life changing seeds of thoughts


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inspirational, motivational, and independent thinking skills to enhance the lives of people, to understand themselves and learn the art of self awareness.

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When you forgive you are letting go of a negative energy that did attach itself to you and depleted you of your innate God self attribute. This negation most of the time flows into your life and manifest in many of your conditions and situtations... more

The greatest attachment is our mind and body that works together either to heal or create attention in a negative way that can destroy anyone who is not of a forgiving spirit. In order to really enjoy life and have its abundance each person... more

All things are made out of life.How wonderful to know that from one formless and invisible substance comes everything that is visible,this essence of things is the spirit of life itself and keeps pouring into everyone and everything we desire... more

GOD is perfect. Doing the will of God on earth as it is in heaven means that the without will be as the within , and allows us to partake of the nature of God. Nature in its self comes naturally and flows without hestation to all who partakes... more

The entire universe operates under immutable laws that are invisible yet all powerful.Because these laws work in the invisible we call them Metaphysical Laws . The six Metaphysical Laws are everywhere in nature and operate... more

To have a gift is to know it and be able to share it with others and enhance their lives in some way or the other many people have a gift but do not have the courage to share it. There are way to do this and feel accomplished by it , if we... more

What if you were told that in giving the most precious gift of all would allow you to have experiences of unlimited good in your life continually, we seldom relaize that is the effect love has on all human beings ,it gives us the opportuinity to... more

There is a power to which all things are possible ,that is the power or law of mind right where we are.believeing in this law allows us the opportunity to experience our own divine good , as we are goverened by the compelling action directed... more

We are all receptive to receive guidance from this spiritual force that is silent within us .In so doing we become channels or receptors to an inlet and outlet force that gives us direction , at times it is like a broadcasting station that... more

From the creation of my own being, i aM MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD."this is my acceptance as spirit, center of righteousness, spirit within me. I operate daily from this center of righteousness and keep re-affirming the... more