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    Your Toxic Relationship Dance

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    Your Toxic Relationship Dance
    Friday, June 17th 10am PST
    Topic:How to distinguish what is toxic and what is authentic love.
    Host Al Diaz: An acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and online Radio Host. 
    Co-host: Known as the Compassionate Divorce Coach, Cindy Holbrook supports women (and men too!) as they traverse the emotional roller-coaster of divorce to heal as they let go of the past and rebuild their life with less stress, more confidence and clarity. Her unique approach to deal with the liars, cheaters, crazy bitches and assholes has helped thousands to find and nurture the right relationships that are needed in order to create a happy and fulfilling next chapter in life. Cindy is a Certified Divorce Coach®, author and speaker. She draws on her personal experience of divorcing after a 20 year mentally abusive marriage, as well as that of thousands of men and women that she has helped. Her passion is to inspire tens of thousands of women to discover and fall in love with their own magnificent inner-goddess! 
    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com

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    ORMUS has been described by researchers delving into the ancient Anunaki civilization in Sumer to extend the lifespans of the Anunaki, some of which is documented in "The Torah". Also, it was claimed that Gold was used to rebuild the atmosphere on the Anunaki planet, Nibiru. My guest, Barry Carter, has done an immense amount of research in not only using ORMUS for the expansion of personal consciousness but also for the enhancement of the level of consciousness on Earth and create a "coherent field" . Barry has a wealth of information to share with us and you will be fascinated at his insights into ORMUS and the uses thereof. This show airs on Thurs., 1-15-15 at 7 PM PST. Call into 347 838 9070 to present your questions to Barry Carter! .  

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    Friendship Week on GetRealLive Radio - The Myth of the BFF

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    The Myth of the BFF | When friendship dies | How to mourn a friendship | How to move on
    Susan and Nicole dive into a side of the friendship conversation that isn't often discussed.
    Dr. Natalie Kon-yu, Dr. Natalie Kon-yu Lecturer in Creative Writing, Literary and Gender Studies College of the Arts, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. She is one of the editors of 'Just between Us: Australian Writers Tell the Truth about Female Friendship'. She is currently co-editing another anthology with Pan Macmillan which features some of Australia's high profile female writers. Additionally, we will hear Jennifer Burrows spends her life helping people develop skills that help them professionally and personally. Perhaps her own journey has helped her develop this much needed skill set. Jennifer will share her painful story about how she lost all of her friends through one extraordinary rumour. A rumour that you won't believe and how one persons life can change so drastically. She lost her friends, moved countries but says it's the BEST thing that has ever happened to her. Rik Schnabel will be joining us has climbed the ladder of success and has quickly realised that being at the top can be very lonely. He's going to share - from the male perspective what friendship looks like as a man in the corporate world. Success has truly changed the landscape of his friendships in a challenging way. Additionally, Kate Elliot, founder of kateandkim.com, has travelled the globe, lived in countries overseas and shares from a deep well of personal loneliness and the desire to build friendships. She will tell us about her fast growing friendship site and why the need for connectivity and friendship is so great. 

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    Elizabeth Kipp: A Journey from Chronic Pain to Liberation

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    Elizabeth Kipp is on a mission to empower patients to discover their own healing powers using the tools she has learned and developed over the last 30 years of her own journey to self-healing. Elizabeth is in recovery after 32 years of pain medication addiction and attributes her being clean and sober to her multi-layered withdrawal program: the guidance of the Pain Program professionals, tools and modalities, her own sense of patient empowerment, and to the guiding hand of The Universe. Her story is one of hope, willingness, faith and patient empowerment, especially for those who suffer from chronic pain.
    Elizabeth Kipp is a contributor for The Daily Love and professes to living in the moment and pursuing her growing edges to their highest potential.

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    HIStory Part II

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    Last night"s show  was a great show. Different perspectives equals good, heated conversation. Tonight, join us for part II. Kerry Davis will be back as our guest to speak on what he believes is the origin of blacks in America. Dont miss this one its going to be another great show!

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    To Susan with Love. . . SoulSistaSaturday

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    As Susan prepares to meet Her Heavenly Father holding the hand of her Mother I want her to be able to hear all the voices of the lives she has changed and have them ringing in the background as the gates to His Kingdom are opened.  Please join me this evening as I open up www.SoulSistaRadio.com to those who's life Susan has touched.   Thank you ~MD
    Please Call In to 347.857.3760 at 10pm est/7pm pst

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    Kirschner's Korner Radio

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    Welcome to Kirschner's Korner Radio. On the first show, I'll discuss upcoming events and initiatives to benefit animals and provide some tips for effective advocacy. Time permitting, listeners may call to promote their own initiatives and upcoming events. The show will be 30 minutes.  

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    Raise the Vibration

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    According to Yourjoyouslife.com "raising your vibration" refers to raising your energy up to a higher level, a place where you feel good. When you feel depressed or irritable you are not vibrating at a high level. One of the keys to joyous living is practice choosing joy, love, and abundance. When we choose these feelings, we raise our vibration and resonate with those things and events that we have been desiring." Join us on the show today as we talk about ten tips you can use to raise your own vibration! 

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     Finally the Conclusion -  "WHAT IF EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW IS FALSE?" /
    DR DELBERT BLAIR - (LIVE)  ******  SHOW CALL #   (347) 308 -8131 /  (press # 1 to speak)  /
    Previous episode -  (pt 1)  /
    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gnosiskardia/2015/04/20/what-if-everything-you-think-you-know-is-false /
    QUOTES -
    "What is a fear of living? It's being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself - for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don't know what you're here to do, then just do some good." Maya Angelou /
    "If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles." Sun Tzu /

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    The Clio Express Talking Music - The Ravens

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    The Ravens were among the pioneering post-World War II R&B groups, and also among the earliest R&B groups named for birds. In both their musicality and their nomenclature, they influenced two generations of performers that followed, as well as sold lots of records in the process. The Ravens originated with Jimmy Ricks (born 1924, Jackson, FL; died 1974, New York, NY), who started singing at an early age. In 1945, he was employed as a waiter at the Four Hundred Tavern and later at an establishment known as the L. Bar, both in New York's Harlem. One of his co-workers was a friend, Warren "Birdland" Suttles, and during moments when the work wasn't too frantic, the two began singing together, to tunes by the Ink Spots, the Mills Brothers, the Delta Rhythm Boys, and other harmony groups whose music appeared on the club's jukebox. They decided to try and form an actual group, searching for two more members that would make up the requisite harmony quartet.

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    A Kind Voice on Books : Interview with Cecelia Otto

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    On this week's episode of A Kind Voice on Books, host Erin Rae will be joined by author, singer, and historian Cecelia Otto. The ladies will be discussing Cecelia's journey down the hostoric Lincoln Highway, in the Northern United States, and her passion for bringing entertainment and education to her fellow countrymen. Erin Rae is excited to ask all about the book Cecelia has published about her project, "An American Songline", as well as get the scoop on this little remembered stretch of American History. You can call in to the live broadcast of A Kind Voice on Books by dialing 347-850-8907, between 7:00 and 8:00PM EST, on Wednesday, June 29. If you aren't available to listen to the show live, you can always send your questions to books@akindvoice.org, and Erin Rae will pass them along for you. Then you can check out the archived version at your own convenience to catch Cecelia's answers.

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