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    Courage & Creativity >> Julia Cameron joins Jessie May on Sunny Side Up

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    Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' Podcast is a Global Sensation in its 4th year ~ Reaching and igniting hearts all over the world with her warm, signature voice and infectious energy, Jessie May freely shares her fierce wisdom with an inspiring palette of powerful themes ~  all centered in the heart of our human experience. 
    With show titles ranging from: “What We Fear is What We Desire”, “The Nature of Love,” “Trust Grows from the Inside Out”, “Where Focus Goes, Creation Flows”, “Surrender Is the Bridge”, “The Way We Walk”, “Staying Soft in the Heart of Pain”, “The Power of Your Presence” ~ Jessie May covers topics ranging from relationships, living in the moment, connection, intimacy, communication, creativity, wellness, freedom, trust and more. With each show she unleashes the potential for living a heart-powered life ~ offering listeners valuable tools and inspiration to integrate and transform their lives.
    As part of her growing global community, she regularly welcomes luminary guests whom she effortlessly engages in great convo and deep, stimulating inquiry, laughter and insight ~ creating stimulating discussion and food for thought! 
    Her roster of guests have included pioneering brave hearts and innovators, from celebrated authors and spiritual leaders like Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz to local visionaries from far and wide!
    Sure to light up your week, tune into Jessie May's bright energy and ignite your heart with your regular dose of Sunny Side Up!!!

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Jeri Taylor-Swade, Queen of SeneGence International

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    North Bend, WA – To survive in this economy, you absolutely must have multiple streams of income. Many women have found remarkable success in direct sales.  
    Jeri Taylor-Swade is a pioneering independent distributor for SeneGence International, a network marketing company specializing in cosmetics with the top selling lipstick in the world. Jeri is the first Queen distributor for SeneGence. 
    “Whatever your passion is, that's what, that's the kind of company that you would want to join,” says Jeri. “When you have enthusiasm about what you're doing or what you're representing, you're not selling, you're just sharing.”
    Eighteen years ago, with no knowledge or understanding of the direct sales or network marketing world, Jeri started as a part-time SeneGence distributor. Within two years, she made the decision to go full time, eventually achieving the status of Queen in SeneGence International, generating $6.5 million in sales revenue that year. Since then, Jeri and her international team are responsible for $72 million in organizational revenue.
    “In a direct sales company like this, you have to be able to let people know that you really do care about their success,” says Jeri. “I put their success ahead of my own success because when you help people get what they want, you automatically are going to get what you want.”
    Jeri says she expects SeneGence to be a $5 billion company within the next five years.
    “It's pretty darn exciting for me as a pioneer distributor, to see how far we've come and how much of an opportunity it is now for women,” says Jeri. “I love to empower women. They come into our company and I see them blossom into the beautiful, confident women they really are.”
    For more information on SeneGence, visit www.getlips.com

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    Elizabeth Joyce: Unlimited Realities

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    This week, world-renowned psychic Elizabeth Joyce returns to Guy's Guy Radio to discuss her latest book Unlimited Realities, a memoir. Known for her groundbreaking predictions of major world events like the 2004 tsunami, the Japan and Hatian earthquakes and 9/11, her latest research dives into the spiritual and metaphysical healing, and how we can all tap into the universal spirtual energy to heal maladies.
    Have a question for Robert or Elizabeth Joyce? Call in to the show at (347)-945-5834.
    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
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    Buy The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love now!

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    Episode 4: Hey, Listen To Your Emotions

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    Too often we ignore how we feel, we think that if bitterness is part of our current emotions, that we need to get over it, we should not think like that. We should listen to what those emotions are telling us and work toward developing new ways of coping. By being intuned with your emotions, you are choosing to be in the moment, you are choosing to deal with those bothersome emotions. Here's my view on this whole subject.
    Check out the list of emotions here
    - Two New Episodes Every Wednesday -
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    Sandra Spannan Talks Arts On The Danny Tisdale Show

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    Join Sandra Spannan, owner of see.gold, an all-female Harlem-based team of gilders specializing in hand painted and gilded glass signage and house numbers since 1994, with high profile clientele includes gilded signage for Tiffany & Co worldwide, Balthazar in Soho, NYC & London and ACE hotel, to name a few and Danny Tisdale host of The Danny Tisdale Show as they talk arts, Harlem and  more.
    All on this week’s edition of The Danny Tisdale Show; the Saturday morning radio show hosted by businessman, visual artist and former Harlem Community Board member Danny Tisdale.
    Check out more great Harlem World Radio interviews here, itunes or download them wherever you get your podcasts.

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    Hundreds of years of history provided us with an opportunity to answer the ubiquitous question- are people capable of learning from history? Recall being what it is, I will not suggest all history is accurate. As Dr. Margaret McMillan has observed from a loftier perch than mine; history can and has been manipulated to serve an ideology many times.  Examples of this are legion.  I like to think there is a nobility within the fabric of Masonry, that shows us the benefits of diplomacy when we are confronted. You may be inclined, as I am, to think a principled approach to confrontation allows one to influence outcomes to a greater extent that confrontation and conflict.
    Forever and a day, youthful exuberance has felt compelled to tighten the grip when pushed, convinced pushing back is totally justified.  

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    Policing Practices, Protocols and Profiling: In Critical Condition?

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    DENNIS JONES currently serves as Director of Safety for HELP USA, and as Executive Director of Metro New York Concerns of Police Survivors.
    More info on C.O.P.S: Concerns of Police Survivors
    Dennis Jones Interview on the C.O.P.S. Organization
    More info on HELPUSA.ORG
    COREY PEGUES is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Community Leader, and Expert Witness on police related topics.
    More info: www.coreypegues.com
    CLICK HERE for:  "Once a Cop: The Street, the Law, Two Worlds, One Man on Amazon
    Corey Pegues Interview on C-SPAN - JUNE 2016

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    HIV: Is it a Crime?

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    "Do you think a person living with HIV who does not disclose to their sexual partner(s) should be charged with a felony?" This is a question I asked on a recent Facebook thread that garnered over 200 responses. I noticed that the 'yes' responses primarily came from women and heterosexual men. Is there a reason for that? Does the gay community view HIV through a different lens? It's time to talk and get a better understanding of (A) why those infected fear disclosing their status; (B) why are people still having sex with persons of unknown status; and (C) what needs to be done to increase HIV awareness within communities of color. 
    Prepare yourself for a very informative conversation that can change your life. 
    For more information about Dontá visit: http://www.dontamorrison.com

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    A Mother's Cry

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    Join us as Nakesa Barnhill joins us tonight to talk about the life, legacy and death of her  son  who was 34 months old when he passed.   She's fighting to help bring awareness to violence against children as she has launched a non profit organization in Amari's honor. 
    Hello, I am Nakesa Mone’ Barnhill and the Founder & CEO of Amari’s Earthly Angels Inc. Amari is my son that made BREAKING NEWS as the toddler who was found unresponsive on the Westside of Jacksonville, Florida in Hollybrook Apartments. Police immediately suspected that is was foul play involved. Nearly all filicide cases grab headlines due to the heinous yet atrociously common act of parents murdering their seed. Imagine someone watching a popular sitcom and hearing an influential character saying, ‘I brought you in this world, and I can take you out!’ Upon hearing, it you may even find humor with it; however, this twisted humor became my grave reality on November 11th, 2015. I still recall the chilling phone call from Amari’s biological father urging me to go to the hospital. My son was found with no pulse lying in the middle of the floor of apartment 65. What an oxymoron that the person listed on Amari birth certificate, is the reason Amari Barnhill has a death certificate?

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    The Empty Nesters

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    Join the Empty Nesters

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