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    COME NOW, DON'T SULK - Sybil Bruncheon's Happy New Year!

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    Hey there! Does the thought of another New Year's Eve party make you just want to KILL SOMEBODY!... yeah, me too! Well, why not join me LIVE on my New Year's podcast of COME NOW, DON'T SULK? Monday at 8pm EST (7 CST... or your time zone!) We'll be part of the Here Be Monsters Network here on the internet... and you can call in and chat with Mummie about... oh, just about ANYTHING! We can talk "politics"...or we can keep it "light and gay"... or maybe a little of BOTH! (323-784-9639)

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    Join WORDS MAKE PEOPLE on Sun Dec. 30, 2018 from 1-3 p.m. EST as we discuss, “HOW DO MUSLIMS INTERACT WITH THE CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S SEASON?”
    You may ask, "Why would a Muslim wish non-Muslims Season's Greetings"? I think that's a fair Question. I'm sure some Muslims are wondering the same. I pray that my friends of various faiths enjoy this Holiday Season because of the IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY. IT IS A SPECIAL TIME FOR BEING WITH FAMILY. The family is the nucleus of our society is often under attack from myriad directions and influences, but our families are not without hope, faith and love. That is what I believe this time of the year offers to us all - HOPE IN THE FAMILY.
    No, Muslims do not celebrate what is known as Christmas but that does not prevent us from appreciating the good that Christmas produce within and among family and friends. Muslims do believe in the Virgin Mary giving birth to Christ Jesus, who is a blessed Word to humanity from our Creator. So let's build upon what we have in common -- in the end we are all one human FAMILY.
    Please be safe my friends as you focus upon the true essence of this season and shun the frivolity and capitalism of those who dare profit off of human goodness. And a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to each of you; hopefully a new year that will make each of us a NEW and BETTER person who is striving to serve the One G_d of us all.
    CALL 714 816-4673 (to speak to the host press 1). Listen online at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/station-iwdm/2018/12/30/how-do-muslims-interact-with-the-christmas-and-new-years-season - All shows are archived by clicking on link: 

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    THINK AND GROW RICH MASTERMIND Planning for the New Year with Malachi Munroe

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    Think and Grow Rich with the International Mastermind Association (#IMA).  Call 661.554.9219 to join us at 8:00 a.m., ET every Saturday morning, as we explore the success formula Napoleon Hill outlined in his best-selling classic book, THINK AND GROW RICH!  Press number 1 on your phone to raise your hand and be brought into the conversation.
    Our speacial guest is Malachi Munroe, speaker. author. Innovative high-performer helping brands craft a message, product, & service take it to market with ease, effectiveness, and automation to change the world.  Sharing his experience with using Napoleon Hill's success principles to plan for the New Year.
    Today's show is on the Planning for the New Year.   How do you use success principles to plan for the New Year.
    Our hosts are:
    Master Builder Ann McNeill, Owner of Constructively Speaking, Inc. & MCO Construction Robyn Donaldson, Owner of Renew Construction Services Ersula Odom, Owner of Sula Too Thomasina Williams, Owner of Sankofa Legacy Advisors Angelique Frost, Owner of Ramarsjae Brand Bracelets and Anklets (retail) Join us in Boca Raton, FL on January 5, 2019 for our Think and Grow Rich Annual Accountability Meeting.

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    Courage & Creativity >> Julia Cameron joins Jessie May on Sunny Side Up

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    Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' Podcast is a Global Sensation in its 4th year ~ Reaching and igniting hearts all over the world with her warm, signature voice and infectious energy, Jessie May freely shares her fierce wisdom with an inspiring palette of powerful themes ~  all centered in the heart of our human experience. 
    With show titles ranging from: “What We Fear is What We Desire”, “The Nature of Love,” “Trust Grows from the Inside Out”, “Where Focus Goes, Creation Flows”, “Surrender Is the Bridge”, “The Way We Walk”, “Staying Soft in the Heart of Pain”, “The Power of Your Presence” ~ Jessie May covers topics ranging from relationships, living in the moment, connection, intimacy, communication, creativity, wellness, freedom, trust and more. With each show she unleashes the potential for living a heart-powered life ~ offering listeners valuable tools and inspiration to integrate and transform their lives.
    As part of her growing global community, she regularly welcomes luminary guests whom she effortlessly engages in great convo and deep, stimulating inquiry, laughter and insight ~ creating stimulating discussion and food for thought! 
    Her roster of guests have included pioneering brave hearts and innovators, from celebrated authors and spiritual leaders like Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz to local visionaries from far and wide!
    Sure to light up your week, tune into Jessie May's bright energy and ignite your heart with your regular dose of Sunny Side Up!!!

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    We have a TRIFECTA of spiritual warriors on this how.  They will discuss faith, obedience & fervent prayer.  Nachand Trabue, author of the Try God book that is quickly sweeping the nation will discuss how obedience is essential to getting things in spiritual order.  Then Apostle Kevin Manzano, Pastor of New Beginnings Church in Louisville, KY will discuss how active faith will move us forward when situations are trying to hold us back.  And to close out this supersized show, Dr. Matisa Wilbon of Atlanta, Georgia will discuss how fervent, authtentic and consistent prayer will shift us, our families and communities from being defeated to living UNDEFEATED!
    Join us at 8 oclock by calling 646-668-8242 or clicking the link.  Call in to talk to our guests and ask them questions.

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    Between the Lines with Kiler Davenport and John Leckrone.

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    we are all about reality, we do not pull any punches or blow smoke up your ass just to get and hold fans. we talk about all of the hard issues like sex trafficking of children and illegal organ transplants on children and adults , we cover the dying oceans chemtrails, the dangers of smart meters, the RIFD chip, national ID cards that are on the way. mind control, the military industrial complex, the dark state, the shadow government and much more. we are the source for the latest news and information that really counts.we bring you creativity, experience and passion for the stories we report on.tune in and enjoy.we also cover life and living, the CFR, the federal reserve, gmo's,hacking, sex, relationships and a host of issues for people who care about the future of this country including the corrupt courts and cps, we must come together as a nation and a people to make the changes we are looking for so that our children will not have to suffer and be deprived of freedom and liberty. our show is radical and way out there but we feel that we need to be open and ourselves in order to bring in a powerful show and to be ourselves. we are on air to empower, to educate , inform and uplift. our shows can be shocking and they can trigger many who are overly sensitive.come anfd join us , bring your questions . comments and advice

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    Court of Public Opinion, This Land is MY Land, and Trump, the Broken Clock

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    Hosted by @ThePoliticalPlug, @TheConsciousLee, and @Toyuhgee  Entertainment Chop- Court of Public Opinion- The recent drama in the media between Cardi B and Offset, and the bombshell news about Dwight Howard has us exploring the wild, wild world of exposure in pop culture. Conscious Chop- This Land is MY Land- White South African farmers get kicked off their land. Are we finally witnessing reverse racism? Political Chop- Trump, the Broken Clock- Donald Trump and company recently made some strides toward prison reform. But before we get too excited, we investigate what this really means. NEW MUSIC: Sk4ggs - "Donkey Kong" (27:09)  Find him at @sk4ggs on **all platforms**  and  V.I. - "All Black Hoodie" (51:01) Find her at @herSOULnInk on Twitter and Snapschat and @victoria-bee on SoundCloud FOLLOW US ON IG @thechopupshow LISTEN TO US ON iTunes, SoundCloud, BlogTalkRadio, Stitcher Radio, GOOGLE US! #TheChopUp   

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    JUAN FIGUEROA considers himself to be "a big picture" guy, and he is ready to introduce a new kind of policing if he is elected Ulster County Sheriff.  But first, this Marine Veteran of Desert Storm who has served his country for twenty-three years must beat the present incumbent in the primary scheduled for September 13th.  As a State Trooper and investigator for the Bureau of Criminal Investiagations, Juan's work helped to take down drug cartels, seizing over sixty million in cash, 400 plus kilos of drugs and the arrest of key dealers in the drug trade. His twenty-five years of experience in law enforcement in addition to his years of military service in the Marines makes him a unique and exceptionally qualified candidate.
    The incumbent sheriff Paul van Blarcum politicizes the office and has cost Ulster County taxpayers close to a half-million dollars due to multiple lawsuites filed which claim gender and racial discrimination as well as sexual harrassment.   If elected Juan will institute training that instills respect and discipline within the organization. Juan has experience dealing with federal, state, county and local agencies.   Juan's visionary leadership style comes at a time when our country is so diversive. We need to elect leaders now who aim to unite and not divide us.

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    What is Hemppening? Economics, Cultures & Ecosystems, Fueled by Hemp?

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    Feed, Clothe and Shelter 108 Million People on Earth with Cannabis Hemp ~ for the greater GOOD of ALL. That's the vision. I want to see as many people as possible living in hemp homes and eating healthy hemp foods and wearing comfortable and dialed-in hemp clothing.
    Let's finally get FOOD, SHELTHER & CLOTHING - the 3 basic needs beyond Oxygen, (Prana) Water, and LOVE ~ and we can do this with HEMP!
    So it's been my (Tyler Hemp's) vision to see hemp inspire, fuel, and adorn my friends, family, customers and human family with this miraculous PLANT & the wisdom it carries and delivers for our WHOLENESS & Wealth and Wellbeing.
    Join me on this Hempisode and expand your awareness on the topic of HEMP & EVERYTHING!
    Visit: HempAware.com Engage with us on: Facebook.com/hempware Tweet with us on: Twitter.com/hempaware Instagram: instagram.com/hempaware

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    The End Of The Year As We Know It

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    As 2018 draws to a close, GamerDude talks about that week between Christmas and New Year's when he was a kid. He remembers the lull between the holidays, when the new Christmas toys got tested, and when he would thoroughly enjoy the time off from school.  He talks about the New Year's Eve tradition his father had that he continues to this day. GamerDude Dad celebrated New Year's Eve by ordering in a bunch of Chinese food (Happy Family, anyone? Fried dumplings?), watching movies, playing games, and waiting for the Times Square ball to drop at midnight, and that's exactly what GamerDude does to this day.
    In this episode, GamerDude also takes some time to look back at the first year of the podcast, remembers some of the more memorable episodes, and thanks all of the listeners for their time, and their support.
    Thank you for a fantastic 2018! Here's to more stories in 2019! Happy New Year!

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    MzSpoon presents...The Need for SEEDS!

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    We have discussed how to overcome obstacles and barriers that were holding you back.  We also discussed why it is necessary to ignore those nagging feelings of inadequacy because of past mistakes.  Now we want you to begin to focus on your personal mission to touch lives and be fruitful by planting seeds through mentorship in some form or fashion.  You are responsible for leaving a legacy of your faith walk with God in every area of your life, so why not become an advocate to help others navigate through this journey.
    Min. Shaynne' Witherspoon, the author of her most recent book, GET READY FOR YOUR NEXT LEVEL, will share some practical and biblical principles about how to begin to ask God how to begin to leave your mark on the world by mentoring others in a way that pleases God. 
    If you desire to have her come and be a guest speaker, send an email to mzspoon@att.net.

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