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  • ComEdina Larry Estelle / College after 40/ Kush Kumedy Kafe/Ms. Boswell IFBB

    in Culture

    Sabrina talks with Larry about his life as comedian and what impact he is trying to leave on society. Mark will share going to school after 40 years old. Mark just retired as licensed LMFT.

  • Sweet Southern Baptist T

    in LGBT

    As a Houston, Tx native  I have gotten to experience the full experience of the southern baptist church.  Honestly I've gotten to experience the wide variety of the black church experience in general. These days I don't identify as a baptist, nor much of a christian at all. Still I have an admiration theology due to my love of history. 
    The church has long been a staple in the black community.  The community knew that it could depend on the chruch for nurishment in every faucet of their lives. The church was a social justice 


    in Lifestyle


  • Dr. Jennifer Arnold talks about National Immunization Month

    in Lifestyle

    August  is National Immunization Awareness Month, and, recently, we’ve been hearing a lot about vaccine- preventable diseases. Today, many of these dangerous diseases, like measles, whooping cough, and invasive pneumococcal disease, are still circulating in the U.S., and children younger than two are at highest risk for contracting them. Most parents agree one of the best ways to help protect their young children is through vaccination. However, many parents still have questions about immunization and the CDC-recommended schedule.
    As seen on her docu-drama TV show, two of the most important things to Jennifer Arnold, MD, physician and mom of two, are family and healthcare.  That is why she wants to help other parents learn about the importance of vaccination, know why timing matters when it comes to immunization, and understand why some vaccines require multiple doses.
    Many parents may be unaware of the severity of illness vaccine-preventable infections pose to infants and young children. As a neonatologist, Dr. Arnold knows firsthand how devastating certain infectious diseases can be for babies and young children and can provide tips to help parents ensure their young children receive their recommended vaccines on time, every time. As a mother, a priority has been to protect her kids from preventable infectious diseases. To Dr. Arnold, that means working with her young children’s pediatrician to ensure they receive recommended vaccines on time.

  • Beabeyo with life Coach throne Jones

    in Culture

    Did you discuss this with West Coast High room Jones and hang being a better you can improve your life and help you meet your goals and meet your passions of life.

  • Got A Lite?

    in Lifestyle

    Pattie Canova hosts a talk show using wit, candor, keen insight, perception, experience, and the tales and symbols of Tarot to inform, illuminate, enlighten and entertain her listeners. Write Pattie at pcanova@optonline.net w/your questions, feedback or insights. Visit my websight: www.pattiecanova.com  Let's discover what it takes to walk our road toward awakening.  www.pattiecanova.com

  • August: The Most Romantic Month

    in Lifestyle

    Symbolic for all sorts of reasons dealing with respite and also melancholy. Tune in.

  • How a software platform gives you the power to reprogram your subconscious mind

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Micha Mikailian to our show! Micha is a serial entrepreneur whose latest company (Intently) is out to change the world. Intently is a software platform that replaces your online ads with inspirational content that you choose by placing images of what you want in your life over a hundred times a day. Intently is much more than just another adblocker - it's a powerful tool for reprograming your subconscious mind. Micha will be sharing more about Intently and their mission to not only raise global consciousness with their tool, but to also create a new paradigm in the world of online advertising. You can join our limited beta test group by going to https://intently.com. If you are looking for a way to get what you want in life, shift your consciousness by reprogramming yourself then you won't want to miss this show! Are you or someone you know looking for online advertising? Well then this is the show for you! Tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/lindasconscioustalks to listen or call in and ask questions by dialing (347) 850-8423.

  • unleashing your power from within

    in Culture

    During this we will be examining the awesomeness of human potential, how to utilise yours for your family security, personal stability, in love caring relationships; how to remain focused on the things that are truly important , We will conduct a heads up examination how your head space draws to you from the whole universe.  what you are thinking if positive thoughts are prevelant you draw that, if you your negative thoughts dominate then you draw that into your environment constantly.cognitive dissonance, no rythym , with living ecosystems social organic or environmental each requires our attention, our concerted efforts to achieve social harmony and provide the arena for our potential internal gift to be unleashed  and actively bring you blessings untold.


    in Lifestyle


  • Cat Warren Talks About Training Cadaver Dogs

    in Lifestyle

    On Thursday August 6th at 5:00 PM CDT Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca welcomes author and professor Cat Warren to the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room Studio.  Cat has a somewhat unorthodox hobby...she works with cadaver dogs.  These are dogs who search for missing and presumed dead people.  Cat became interested in this "hobby" as a way to harness the energies of her rambunctious and smart German Shepherd puppySolo.  Cat tells of her journey in her book What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceived the World.You can follow Cat on Facebook and Twitter!
    Also, on the first Thursday of every month, we will welcome back Carolyn Nicander Mohr of The Wonder of Tech to share 15 minutes of the latest and greatest in tech and app innovations in our newly launched Tech Talk segment. 
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