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  • Beautiful Butterfly Welcomes Author of All The Wrong Places GIFT'D

    in Lifestyle

    NEW AUTHOR...and NEW RELEASE DAY... We Welcome Author GIFT'D to the Show to discuss his NEW Release Entitled "All The Wrong Places" 
    Gift’d the author is a 32-year-old native of College Park, Georgia. He gained a love for reading at an early age, and spent a lot of time writing stories for entertainment, and spinning tales for for his friends. Gift’d found that he had a talent for creative writing, and his teachers often encouraged him to keep writing.
    Recently, he decided to take one of those stories, and turn it into a novel. His first novel, All The Wrong Places will debut in Fall 2015. Gift’d uses everyday experiences, blended with imagination to inspire his creativity, making his characters practically leap off the page to tell you their story.
    Married, Gift’d currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and family. 

  • Assassin - Kingpin - Bodyguard - Sniper - Drug Dealer

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    The guest for this show goes by the name FLY from Chicago.  He is a reitred PAID sssassisan, drug dealer, contract killer, kingpin, and sniper.  The US loved the Godfather Movie where this profession was sometimes glorified.  Contract killing is a form of murder in which one party hires another party to kill a target individual or group of people. It involves an agreement between two or more parties in which one party agrees to kill the target in exchange for some form of payment, monetary or otherwise. Either party may be a person, group, or an organization.
    Throughout history, contract killing has been associated with organized crime and with vendettas. Contract killing provides the hiring party with the advantage of not having to be directly involved in the killing. This makes it more difficult to connect said party with the murder and decreases the likelihood of establishing guilt for the committed murder, because the hiring party did not commit the murder; they only enabled it to happen. It is also often used by parties who do not have the ability to carry the killing themselves, such as a spouse contracting the murder of their partner.
    In the United States, a contract to kill a person is void, meaning that it is not legally enforceable. Any contract to commit an indictable offense is not enforceable. Thus, if a hitman takes the money but then fails or refuses to perform, the customer cannot sue for specific performance or for damages for breach of contract. Conversely, if the hitman performs the killing as promised but the customer refuses to pay, the hitman cannot sue the customer for monetary damages.
    Disclaimer:  The Hosts accept no liability for the content of the material presented tonight, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. The listeners can Google the topics covered tonight for content about the topic discussed..

  • The Age of All Souls... Understanding our Life's Path

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    Ever wonder the age of your soul or where you are in your spiritual evolution?  Do you often consider yourself to be an old soul?  Where are you ranked in The Age of All Souls?
    Join us Tuesday Spet 01, 2015 at 7:00pm Est Usa as Miss Raina breaks down the path of the souls evolution! As each soul journeys to every incarnation, we are fascinated with the knowing our placement on the scales of the Age of All Souls. What lessons are brought with each dome?
    For the first time in our history, Miss Raina will share the wisdom of The Age of All Souls!  This information has never been shared before! Miss Raina says it's time for us to take a step forward into our next evolution!
    Call Miss Raina and speak live: 310-861-2341
    ©Age of All Souls term is copyrighted to The Life of Raina and Miss Raina.

  • Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & SharRon Jamison

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Tamara Gooch
    Guest: SharRon Jamison
    Topic of Discussion: Personal Transformation
    ShaRon's Bio
    For over 25 years, she has passionately encouraged people to transform their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. From her initial work as a personal trainer and owner of Fitness F’ness, to her work as a licensed minister, she has motivated people to love, honor and appreciate who they are and to embrace all that they can be. 
    SharRon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia. She earned a Masters of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. 
    She is also the proud owner/CEO of The Jamison Group, a company committed to providing leadership, diversity and empowerment workshops and training to individuals, groups, businesses and faith-based organizations. 
    She is an account manager with an international biotechnology firm and has over twenty five successful years in the biopharmaceutical industry. She is a passionate speaker, seasoned facilitator, an empathetic life coach, a business professional, a certified personal trainer, a licensed minister, a proud mother, and the author of two books, I Can Depend on Me and I Have Learned A Few Things.

  • Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Their LGBTQ Children

    in LGBT

    Courageous Conversations between parents and their LGBTQ children regardless of age. The coming out conversation can be extremely difficult on both sides. This program will look at some of the repercussions the LGBTQ person faces from the conversation, as well as the gains that are made. We will also look at resources available to LGBTQ people and their friends and families
    Priscilla Fernandez is a proud parent and President of the San Antonio, TX (PFLAG-Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Chapter. Priscilla was driven to support and advocate for the LGBTQ community when her son came out at the age of 14. She experienced a spiritual epiphany that allowed her to be brave enough to dismiss judgmental societal norms about the LGBTQ community. She found her true passion and peace by quitting her job as a corporate executive and becoming a yoga instructor in order to devote her time to honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within others.
    Like us on Facebook:  PFLAG
    Zena Zumeta, internationally known as both a mediator and trainer of mediators.  She is president of the  Mediation Training & Consultation Institute, Zena Zumeta Mediation Services, and The Collaborative Workplace in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Zena is a lawyer and a former president of the Academy of Family Mediators.  She is the recipient of the the Michigan Lifetime Achievement in Mediation Award; the National Education Association/Saturn Corporation Award for Union-Management Collaboration; the John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award; and the Kumba Award from the National Conference on Minorities in ADR.

  • T T J T R M

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  • Ace Hardware Show with Jeremy Melnick

    in Lifestyle

    Ace Hardware Show continues with store owner Jeremy Melnick.
    This special Life Lessons show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and travel journals- America's favorite inspirational social expression product. For more information visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com.

  • Elder Chicks with Bobby Fleisher and Thelma Reese

    in Lifestyle

    Join us for this fourth edition of Life Lessons segment titled Elder Chicks with Bobby Fleisher and Thelma Reese. 
    Call into 646-727-2255 and talk live with Thelma and Bobby about the "topic of the day". 
    This show is brought to you by Gracefully Yours Greeting Cards and Travel Journals, America's favorite inspirational product. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com to purchase product.

  • The Empty Nesters

    in Lifestyle

    The Emoty Nesters

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