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  • Shabbat Towrah Study

    in Lifestyle

    Join a group of Yahowah's family as we delve into the Towrah of God. We will expose religious corruption while more importantly espousing Yah's Towrah truth. 
    Hosted by the author of Yada Yahweh, An Introduction to God, Questioning Paul, Prophet of Doom, and Tea with Terrorist. 

  • Has chaos become our new standard of living

    in Culture

    Come and join us here at Liberation Tabernacle Ministries as we talked about chaos. Where there isn't any Law & Order there is chaos. When you look out into today's society it seem like the world is all in confusion and pandemonium. Come and join the Elders for Shabbat class. Shalom 347-850-8030 is the call number

  • The Don S. McClure Show Live What do you want to do?

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show Live Friday Night 
    What Do You Want To Do? When Do You To Do It?
    The question comes up often in conversations, on the phone at work while out with friends, or with that someone special. The reason both questions come together is simple. One can- not go without the other. One relates to thinking, planning, a desire for something or making your life better, or a big change like moving to another city or finding a bigger home or in some cases a smaller place to live with a lot less work. The other part when do you want to do it is the finishing part, will you do it in an hour, a day, a week, a month a few months or even a year. But with both, you have to take the time to think about these questions because if you don't stop and measure the good, the not sure, the what if and the maybe I want to.  Then you will become stuck in the world of indecision. Here is a story for you: One of the Greek soldiers and who was a king left the island of Troy after it's destruction, and wanted to sale back home.  While sailing with all that he had taken which was called the spoils of war, he left death and destruction inside Troy, but he had his treasure. So as he passed an Island filled with beautiful women he and his whole crew stopped thinking it would be only for a day or two.  Well they enjoyed themselves so much he forgot about what he wanted to do, so when it came time to activate the when of his thoughts, the man asked the women how long before the tide would come to take him on his way home since it had only been a few days. The beautiful woman laughed and said well you have been here twenty years and your son has grown to a full-size man and forgotten you along with your lovely wife. The man cried and said, I forgot when I should have started on want I wanted to do twenty years ago. Now I am 70 years old, and life has passed me by.

  • Trans4mation Radio with Clifton Pettyjohn Interviews Author Keisha M. Brown

    in Dreams

    Keisha Brown loves to empower women to live a purpose driven life. After experiencing her own issues of messy relationships and painful experiences, she realized that everything she experienced was for a bigger purpose. So, she decided to do something about it! She decided to forgive and heal from her past wounds. •Have you survived a domestic violence relationship? •Do you find yourself in a place of hopelessness? •Have you found yourself in a state of unforgiveness? If any of those sound familiar, Keisha is here to share her story with the hope that it will help you to move forward. Keisha is a firm believer that in order for a person to heal, they must be willing to do the work. Keisha put in years of therapy and self-awareness to create a better version of herself. If you’re ready to live a life of wholeness, this book is for you! Author Keisha Brown is a dynamic motivational speaker and loves to encourage people to grow into their purpose. Keisha currently serves in a local body of Christ and enjoys praise and worship. Keisha has written and produced several stage plays, including Hear My Cry and The Well. Keisha loves to spend time with her family and host women’s conferences.

  • The Mountain Bears

    in LGBT

    LIVE from the Mountains of West Virginia, The Mountain Bears will bring you a gay-ish, techy-ish, bearish conversation on current topics on a variety of topics. What happens when a computer guy and a psychic start talking? The Mountain Bears!
    Aeson, popular for his existing show The Psychic Coffee Shop, is a certified master psychic with over 22 years of experience helps people all around the world, from housewives to CEOs, and everyone in between, is also a gay poly bear who wears his jaded glasses like a badge of honor.
    Joe, a trained Information Systems & Operations Management professional, who has been listening to people and solving their tech problems for the last couple decades, is a gay bear who spent his college years keeping an LGBT student organization afloat.
    What do they have in common? Surprisingly, a lot. They spend most of their time helping the people who have an issue, getting to know them and understand what’s going on in their lives, their minds, and what’s really happening to be able to offer advice and suggestions.
    Although we may not always agree, we both have a commitment to coming together, hearing people out, and looking past the surface issues, and getting down to the core of what is really going on.
    Join us in Blog Talk Radio chat to take part in the conversation,  Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with what’s happening outside the studio, both with us, and the world around you!
    Visit Aesonknight.com 

  • Think and Grow Rich Mastermind - "Specialized Knowledge" with Norm Hull

    in Lifestyle

    Think and Grow Rich with the International Mastermind Association (#IMA).  Call 661-554-9219 to join us at 8:00 a.m., ET every Saturday morning, as we explore the success formula Napoleon Hill outlined in his best-selling classic book, THINK AND GROW RICH!  Press number 1 on your phone to raise your hand and be brought into the conversation.
    Today's show we will be discussing "Specialized Knowledge"- The Forth Step to Riches with Special Guest, Norm Hull. 
    Norm Hull, CSP is an acclaimed speaker, best-selling author and the principal owner of Norm Hull & Associates, a leadership consulting company based in Southern California.     
    Norm has provided his audiences with thought-provoking, interactive and inspirational presentations for the past 39 years.  As a professional speaker and facilitator, Norm has trained thousands of youth leaders, and adult professionals on how to enhance their effectiveness with improved leadership skills.  
    Norm has authored and co-authored several books on leadership and personal development including Teen Power, and Highly Paid Experts. @ASKNORM
    One of his greatest joys is being the grandpapa of two grandchildren whom he does his best to spoil. 
    Our hosts are:
    Ann McNeill, Master Builder, Founder of International Mastermind Association (IMA) Ersula Odom, Owner of Sula Too Publishing Pegine (Peg-een) Echevarria, CEO of Team Pegine, Inc. Wyman Winbush, Speaker, Trainer and Certified Life Coach

  • Are You Ready? Emergency Preparedness and Survival Radio & Barefoot Is Legal

    in Prepping

    Are You Ready- Noon E. /9am P. You never know when an emergency is going to happen. Disaster can strike at any time. Whether stuck on the road, riding out a power outage, escaping a natural disaster, or surviving a dooms day Apocalypse, What would you do? No matter the scale, whether 1 hour or 1 year, Will you survive?
    Are You Ready is the newest emergency preparedness and survival radio show on the Freedomizer Radio network.
    Join prepper & survivalist Nick Pierce, a.k.a “The Barefoot Prepper”, as he uses his over twenty-five years of prepping and survival experience and knowledge to make sure that you are ready. In this program, he is going to walk you though how to prepare you and your family to handle almost everything from the small events to a doomsday apocalypse. Now ask yourself, Are You Ready? Www.facebook.com/AreYouReadyRadio
    1:30 PM E Barefoot is Legal
    People go barefoot for medical, health, religious, cultural and safety reasons. Join your Hosts Nick Pierce & Richard Johnson during our weekly internet broadcast to learn more about living the barefoot life and the fact that there are NO laws saying you must wear footwear in public. Learn your rights and the laws. Stand up for your rights. This is the place to share stories. Learn more about what is new in the barefoot community and even legal advice. If you have questions or stories to share or even  looking for advice about the health benefits of being barefoot to share, please call! We love to hear from our audience! Take your personal freedom back and go barefoot! Guess what? It is NOT illegal to drive and/or walk around in public without shoes. Many people are not aware of that! Help us spread the word! Don't forget to visit www.barefootislegal.org

  • Susan Walsh a strong passionate women dedicated to coach other through.....

    in Lifestyle

    Susan Walsh is a strong women who has recovered from sustance abuse and other life challenges. Susan's background as a senior executive as well as her education in business is incredibly valuable. Her leadership and entrepreneurial expertise all blend together to propel YOU forward in all your aspirations and fulfilling your lifes dreams.

  • He is back behind the mic. Hamps selections of Soul Music Vol LXV or 65.

    in Culture

    “It’s Hamp’s Selections from his Collection of Soul-Jazz Music, Vol LXV or 65. The Theme ‘He’s Back.’.Its been a minute but its all good now for.  We’ve been away since January 5th for health and business reasons. I heard one or two of you missed me..Straight Soul Music is on the menu. Tap your feet, snap your fingers along with the sounds. My book, Misguided Intentions is a 374-page novel with a twisting family relations thrill ride. Check out the following review at  https://redheadedbooklover.com/misguided-intentions-codis-hampton-ii/ MI’s available at all book outlets in all formats at Publisher, We continue to play catch-up with our new talk show format at CHIIAGrpTV” Hamp’s Corner of America Blog Talk Radio Show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group at http://www.chiia.com/home.html. Our host’s, me, lol, third book honors my Grandmother entitled, Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, 1917-1953 is found at Amazon.com’s Author Page. The link is www.amazon.com/author/codishampton2  Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/HampTwo ”

  • Man Law - Teach This To Your Sons!

    in Lifestyle

    His new book titled Man Law: Teach This to Your Sons is scheduled to be released in June 2019. This episode; like his book, is dedicated to the things that fathers should have passed to their sons. Anyone who has a son, is raising a son, is a son, or is thinking about having a son should listen to this show. Fatherhood is sacred and is intended to be handed down from man to man with careful tutelage.  The success of a society is based on how well its men take care of their families, teach their children, and protect their queens. Man Law is essential to our success. Join Dr. Rich in his journey to evangelize his message and his quest to recapture the lost art of fatherhood. 

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