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    Episode 7: Follow Your Arrow

    in Culture

    In a special listener mailbag edition, we answer questions about starting a long-distance friendship, women who are mansplainers, a Shine Theory dilemma, work self vs. internet self, an office style dilemma, and why iPhone read receipts are terrible. 
    Beyoncé - Irreplaceable
    QT - Hey QT
    Snakehips - Days Without You ft. Sinead Harnett
    Kacey Musgraves - Follow Your Arrow
    Phantogram - Fall in Love
    Hannah Rad edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

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    #47: Making Babies the "Old Fashioned Way" with Stephanie Berman

    in LGBT

    Annoyed with how "unsexy" and clinical the lesbian conception process can be?  Wishing you could actually deeply connect with your partner during baby making rather than having to stop and decide who's going to push the plunger down in the syringe this time? Find yourself wishing you could knock up your lady the old fashioned way?  Having penis envy? Frustrate no further!  Introducing The Semenette, the first and only lesbian conception tool that allows you to make love and make a baby at the exact same time!
    Creator Stephanie Berman is on LezBeMommies Radio sharing how you and your partner can have a more authentic, passionate and fulfilling journey making baby. 
    Find out more about The Semenette at thesemenette.com and on their YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1hfPyVJVLYnxsS4vOcRK1Q.
    Find LezBeMommies Radio online at www.lezbemommies.com.

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    Masked Happiness

    in Romance

    Are you tired of pretending to be happy? Then you don't want to miss this show.

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    How to know you have found a keeper

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking about Keepers and how to know when you have found one.....I am so excited about what Darryl Jones will share, and you have to be present to learn from his wisdom. .Don't miss this episode it will be off the chain!!
    Darryl is a US Veteran, Inspirational Speaker, and Relationship Specialist, who appeals to the youth, middle aged persons and veterans alike. His approach is fun, upbeat and effective. Contact Darryl at pastordarryljones@gmail.com or  www.darryljoneslw.com
    Darryl has dedicated an enormous amount of his time to helping people find their purpose and fulfil their destiny. Darryl has spent almost 20 years in service to his country, protecting their freedoms and civil liberties. He has spent close to half of that time in combat zones, war-torn lands, areas of conflict and civil unrest, and understands life's struggles first hand. Darryl strives to inspire others to improve their quality of life through self-empowerment techniques and firmly believes there is a "solution" to every problem. All we need is the desire to solve the problem, focus in the proper direction, and move with a clear-cut purpose.
    Join us at the top of the hour...call in on 3479457556 or comment in the chat room.

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    Episode 30
    Episode 30 of In the Mixx with Kidd6 get ready listeners another show you don't want to miss as usual.  The Mixx is back everyone get ready to get caught up over some weekend news, scores and entertainment.   Kicking the show off with everyone's weekend and jumping right into Talk About It Tuesdays with your girl from the hood Telly Tel.  Stay tuned for the crazy we call Timantha for his segment entertaining but yet sometimes ratchet segment with Tims Tidbits.  Your girl that keeps you woke Cedy will definitely have an interesting topic that can go on and on and have you questioning ya next best move. Then we have What Grinds Jules Gears and a little story time for the listeners.  This week's topic of discussion:  Fellas how do you feel about women making the first move when it comes to trying to bag you?

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    Should College Athletes be paid?

    in Lifestyle

    Eric Reese and LaWanda Smith-Dudley will disuss Should College Athletes be paid?

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    Positively Autistic - Jeanette's Autism Show

    in Lifestyle

    This is Jeanette's Autism Show - a radio programme hosted by Autistic author, advocate, public speaker, artist, Government official, owner of Whimsy Manor and human mum to Mr Kitty, Jeanette Purkis. It is a place for discussions around Autism advocacy and empowerment covering such topics as employment, education, relationships and sexuality, mental health, communication and positive living generally.  Jeanette's website is www.jeanettepurkis.com The show is auspiced through the good people at Positively Autistic -  https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyAutistic/?fref=ts Jeanette interviews Steve Silberman, who is a journalist and the author of NeuroTribes - released in 2015 which focuses on the history of Autism and neurodiversity. Steve and Jeanette discuss the concept of neurodiversity and self-advocacy as well as soem of the challenegs facing Autistic people today. It is quite a wonderful interview. It is a short duration - around 20 minutes. Jeanette felt really honoured to have Steve on her show and is a bit of a 'fan'. Here is Steve's website if you would like furetehr informaiton abotu him and his work: http://stevesilberman.com. Neurotribes is available at this website or at most online booksellers       

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Brett Boyd 06/01/16

    in Lifestyle

    I am delighted to have Brett Boyd as my guest for 06/01/16.
    Brett Boyd is a guitarist and music industry professional who works as a musician, teacher, composer, lyricist and producer and has collaborated with a wide range of artists in genres from rock to pop to electronic and world music.
    Since 2006, Brett has been living in his native San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two boys, teaching at his music school Guitar School Rocks, and making music in a number of projects including the new band The Marinfidels. https://www.reverbnation.com/themarinfidels
    Before settling in Marin County, Brett lived in Japan for over ten years where he worked for EMI Music Publishing and Virgin Music Japan and later became an independent artist writing, recording, and performing original music with his band The Beautiful Losers as well as a number of Japanese artists including the very popular punk band Hi-Standard. He is credited on over a million CD sales world-wide, and his music has been featured on MTV dramas and commercials by Disney and Toyota.
    As a guitarist, Brett has performed on stages and in studios in the Untited States, Canada, Asia, and Europe and has shared the bill with notable artists like Coldplay, Indigo Girls, and Matt Nathanson.
    Brett is also involved in organizing and performing for benefit events to raise awareness and funds for organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, Harmonic Humanity, and Nepal Freed.
    Please join us for a conversation about living your music and loving your life!

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    Rich or Wealthy

    in Culture

    Financial competence has been a missing component in the educational process of melaninated people who are recovering from slavery or colonialism. Somehow the idea of money makes us uncomfortable to discuss.The circulation of our money has been reported as the lowest of all ethnic groups in America with substantial cash flow. Black Americans are reported to have 1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS in spending power. There should be an immediate end to our money problems!! What are the resources available to us to grow back into a prosperous people. Why were we able to create a Black Wall Street a century ago, but now that we have more access to wealth and resources, we haven't created another? Is capitalism the model best suited for our economic development? What are the benefits of entrepreneurship vs. employment? We'll discuss all these things and more. Let's get this money up!!!

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    When Girl Friends Get Together: 81st National Conclave

    in Lifestyle

    Seattle Chapter of Girl Friends Inc. has made history by hosting the 81st National Conclave of Girl Friends Inc. one of the oldest African American women's organization in the country, in the city of Seattle and because of this, we shall celebrate. Today we are talking with Seattle Chapter of Girl Friends Inc.'s Founder and President, Linda Dunn Gillis who will be sharing her journey as a Girl Friend and the road to the 81st National Conclave.

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    Take Me To Your Throne

    in Lifestyle

    Sarah Weiser has been a worship leader and Psalmist for over 20 years, seeking after the heart of the Father in high, holy worship.  It is her desire to lead people to an encounter with Jesus in the Secret Place, to worship at His feet and to change the atmosphere, tear down strongholds and see breakthrough in people's lives.  

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