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    Al Diaz, Angie Johnsey Rewrite Your Story With Knowing You Do Have a Choice

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    Al Diaz and co-host Angie Johnsey share their insights on Rewrite Your Story With Knowing You Do Have a Choice.
    Tuesday, April 7th  10am PST
    Angie Johnsey is a Registered Nurse with a background in Psychiatric Nursing. I am also certified as a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and EFT Practitioner. My passion is to help clients gain emotional awareness and power over the mind in order for them to end mind created suffering and then create and experience their highest and fullest potential.

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    Interracial Dating

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    BGN will discuss interracial dating in the Black community and why is this subject still taboo in 2013?  We will discuss the disparities between Black women dating non-black men and Black men who date non-black women.  Be sure to use the hashtag #BGNPodcast for comments and questions!

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    Noo Covers- There's some crap in your pools

    in Culture

    Registration required at Wilmington city pools this year

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    Feet Washing At Your Wedding: Humble or Shameful?

    in Romance

    There's a picture circulating on Facebook that's getting lots of attention. It depicts a woman kneeling over a basin of water in her wedding dress washing her husband's feet. In the Christian culture, foot washing is symbolic of servitude and humility. The Bible tells us that even Jesus had His feet washed and He washed Peter's feet Himself. The question is this: Would you perform it at your wedding? Is it something beautiful or over the top? It's it too private or a perfect show of a woman willing to serve? Let's discuss it 

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    Changing the world

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    This epsode is Hosted by Minister Kenneth Foster, Actor Producer and founder of the Mark Drama Ministry, He will be discussing the many arears of disparities in the entire world today, he will start this epsode by drawing your attention to some of the Communities and Cities that is affected  in the United States of America.
    We can think of Crimes of every type, domestic violence, drug aditiction, which has been promoted by immoral practices, I believe by addressing these social ill we can make a difference. We will also like to forcus our attention on the role the Spiritual Leaders and their involvement in moral and spiritual leadership. 

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    How to Find The Right Partner To Share Your Life With ASAP!

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    I would like to welcome back Dating Experts Broderick and Antia Boyd to the show!  In this episode, Broderick & Antia share their top secret on how to find the right partner for you to share your life with & be happier ASAP without loneliness, fear or wasting any more time! (And without online dating!)  Are you ready to meet “The right partner to share your life with asap?” Then you won’t want to miss this interview to find out the secrets and tips on how you can. Be sure to tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio or call (347) 850-8423. For those of you calling out of the country dial 0013478508423.

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    In The Gap May 25, 2016

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    General Description:
    'In the GAP', is a weekly hour of powerful global prayer aimed at immersing ourselves in the Spirit and letting God direct our attention to current areas of practical need. Together, we can bridge 'gaps' and build 'hedges' here on earth from the heavenly dimension. Join us in an effort to do more than talk about problems or pretend they don't exist! Jesus is still the answer to the pressing conditions and critical world affairs we all face - so lets 'BE' His Body!  

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    Morning Praise And Prayer

    in Lifestyle

    At 6amy EST, dial 917 932 1738 or click the link to get your dose of daily inspiration.

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    Wali Ali Joins Shifa! To discuss Emerging New Africa Community Initative

    in Culture

    As Chairman of www.TheSwitchIsOn.net a New Africa Community Capacity Building Initiative for our time.
    Wali Ali and Shifa discuss the economic wealth development model, sourcing farmland, building plants for the manufacturing and distribution of bio-fuel, automobiles and other products and services for domestic and international use. The New Africa project is an effective capacity building model embracing the instruction and aspects of Imam W.D. Mohammed who us called together to establish, that is make real the vision, model, direction and financial structure for the conscious, mindful and focused manifestation of community life for a new way forward for humanity. Wali Ali's heartfelt actions toward this humanitarian and ecological energy reclamation are returning us to balance.   Join us for a lively converstion expressing the insights, awareness, benefits, personal well being and community healing. 

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    She's Gone Country w/the CBCowgirls Special Guests ERA Rodeo - FoRe! Radio

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    "She's Gone Country" with the CB Cowgirls 
    Join us as we talk with our Guests Bill McRoberts & Bobbi Jeen Olson Monday 6:00pm pt
    ~Back to our roots!   www.ShesGoneCountry.us Call to listen in only or join the conversation!  (347) 857-3760 on www.FoReRadio.com
    Hosts - Becky & Vicki Christensen  Guest Co-Hosts: Donnalyn Quintana, Cody Custer  Producer - Maria DiGiovanni Executive Producer - FoRe! Living Royal Productions FoRe! Charity TEAM of Choice - *Western Wishes www.WesternWishes.org 
    Thank You to our Show Sponsors Les Schwab Tires Ambassador Coaching *Tres Rios Trophy Buckles FoRe! Living Royal Productions
    Thank You to our Station Sponsors: *Higher Ascent/BRAME.BIZ *Modern American Dentistry BMB Builders & Remodeling *RLL/The Ambassador Program *Debra Osborne - Coldwell Banker Beachside FoRe! Radio™ is a Media/PR Platform owned and operated by FoRe! International  www.FoReRadio.com a www.LivingRoyalProductions.com

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    How did we get to this Taking World?

    in Culture

    Propaganda has been around a long time. Just watch the film Psy War - The Battle for your Mind at www.metanoia-films.org/psywar/ and see what has transpired with the advent of television. I listened to Aunt Carol explain to me the Leave it to Beaver's and other shows that influenced her daily life.growing up in the late 40's and 50's. She has shared deep insight with me that most folk may have not realized! She,said, "you never saw them going to church" "you never saw them getting ready for choir practice". See, folks in the old days of Coal Company Towns, well, the Coal Mine Owner built the church for parishioners to attend, however, people in my Great Grandfathers day were not allowed to question the MIne Owners treatment of Widows and Orphans where the Bible states plainly what was required for these folk and that they were to be cared for. See, good people can read the bible for themselves, and propaganda used shows like The Andy Griffith Show to portray a delusion to our eyes. Aunt Bea never went ot church either, so the level of manipulation of our minds was twice fold. You got your goodness of what a family should be on TV and you got the quantitative Shame and Guilt at the other venue - your local Church... These ideals of family and moral guidelines have went hand in hand for centuries to manage working people. We We have become good little consumers as the film Psy-War points out. Bernays and Lippmann were very successful with the help of media owned by the wealthy. Good people, we need not be fooled any longer. We need not participate in this world of badness. We will change a world by our hearts, minds, and purity of purpose towards humanity. It can and will be done. All Rights are Reserved: Views expressed are my very own based upon my observations, life experience, and heart willingness to tell them.

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