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    Ruach Rhythm..Israelite Heritage Radio Network

    in Culture

    Tune in to Set Apart Music, Interviews and more.
    Hosted by Ahki Rio and Ahki Sha'ul
    with Featured guest appearances.

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    Walking In His Power

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    Our guest, Charles D Clark is a Proud Father and Man of God who  resides in Virginia.  He  is a Transformational speaker, Spiritual leader, Youth Mentor, Author and Actor.    He has received numerous awards to include the Devon Franklin At&T  Inspired Mobility Winner,   Men of Vision, I am a Testimony Award and many, many more.  He has a   Bachelor  in Science of Psychology,  an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. Founder of CClark Inspire and Spiritual Mechanics, LLC.  Men
    He renders his service towards several  high profile organizations to include ; Fatherless children, Anti Bullying, Stop The Violence, Police Brutality and many more. 
    His skills are in  Wrestling, Boxing, Football, Martial Arts and Weight Lifting.    Mr. Clark is one to keep your eyes on, because God is doing mighty things in his life.

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    NeNe @ Nite - Tonght the topic is ANAL SEX.

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    Are you curious about anal sex? Tonight host Nene gets DEEP into the subject of anal sex!
    In today's hyper and oversexualized society, anal intercourse has somehow managed to remain a taboo topic for some. How's that for irony? Never one to shy away from from all the gory details that come with sex, Nene @Nite is daring to go there. Brace yourselves, friends. We're about to dive and dip into the mysterious world of anal. 
    Yup! She has the low-down on what it's REALLY like and is not SCARED to put it all out there. 

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    Community Connections: GBS/CIDP Walk and Roll 2014

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    When I was diagnoised with CIDP in 2010, my neurologist had never treated a patient with my illness.  CIDP is Chronic Inflammatory Demylinating Polyneuropathy; and, the more I researched about this illness, the more I realized that I couldn't simply be a patient being treated by my doctor I had to become my own advocate and my doctor's educator.  By chance last year, my neighbor told me about a young woman who was so intrigued by GBS/CIDP that she was organzing a walk and roll to raise money for research. 
    I simply had to learn more about her and why GBS/CIDP research was so dear to her heart. 
    Music by: Smiling Knife "Traveling Through Time"
    To support GBS/CIDP Research: http://www.gbs-cidp.org/walk-and-roll/
    To volunteer: tammy11704@gmail.com

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    Conflict Resolution With Emotional Intelligence

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    Holidays are a very turbulent time when it comes to interactions and communications.  Stress levels are at an all time high and in the interest of having a good time, sometimes people forget to be at their best.  So Center for Work Life to the rescue! Having the conflict resolution skills you need in advance can serve as a great buffer during these times and actually allow you to enjoy your holidays.  
    Whether at work, or with family, you don't function in a vacuum.  So wherever you are, you are dealing with people and their "stuff".  What's your "Stuff" doesn't have to be theirs and vice versa.  Utilizing Emotional Intelligence will actually allow you to use filters and monitor your self-talk so you can be a trusted, objective partner.  You can't manage others without managing yourself first.  So lets lead you to be the best at that!

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    While we were gone part 2 (Don't call it a come back!)

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    The Middle Men Talk Show returns rejuvenated to bring to you what we do best! Today's show we will be discussing several topic items briefly within the past year up until current news.  Please call in or comment on the chat board your opinions and potential topics you will like for the Middle Men Talk Show to cover in the future.  Thank You for listening.  Tune on Sundays to come with more of the Middle Men Talk show!!!

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    Jacob Dunne was a 19-year-old high school dropout serving a 13-month sentence for manslaughter after throwing one unsolicited punch which took the life of 28-year-old James Hodgkinson, a paramedic trainee. The parents of James Hodgkinson (Joan Scourfield and David Hodgkinson) were devastated. How could Jacob receive such a light sentence committing manslaughter? What  lead Jacob to take the life of their precious son and what was preventing Jacob from repeating such a heinous act in the future?  Remedi UK, a charitable organization in the U.K. specializing in restorative justice, stepped in and facilitated a meeting between the two parties.
    BTC HOST KATHY BARRETT interviews NICOLA BANCROFT - Assistant Director of Remedi UK, Joan Scourfield and David Hodgkinson (parents of deceased James Hodgkinson) and Jacob Dunne, about how restorative justice is transforming lives in the United Kingdom.
    BTC Announcer - Mitchell Geller
    Night and The Music - Written and performed by Barbara Thies & Andy Barrett

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    #29: Awaken to Joy - What do you need to release to enjoy more "Feel Good"!

    in Lifestyle

    Join inspirational Life Coach and author of Awaken to Joy, Laura Erdman-Luntz, to learn all about the power of raising your vibration. Are you ready to step into an AMAZING fall? Enjoy this FREE series! In this episode, Laura chats about all the ways we draw ourselves down without even realizing it. Bringing attention to it is a powerful tool for helping you make different, more postive choices in your life.
    (Find out more at www.LauraErdmanLuntz.com/AwakenToJoy.)

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    Melungeons & Redbones with Q&A, This Blood Don't Run!

    in Culture

    This Blood Don't Run! This might turn into a Sunday afternoon series! Melungeons, Redbones openly discuss their people, genealogical ties and compare histories! Discussions and open forum call in from live listeners & commentors. Announcement of upcoming Blog Talk Radio and Q& A from call in's. Please leave a comment in the FB comment box and we will try to  answer those within the 30 minute lineup. Current blog articles, essays, Face Book postings and discussion. Theories, ideas and genealogy of mixed blood early American families. Bloggers, descendants, researchers, family historians and interested folks are encouraged to listen, comment or chat with others about the Redbone, Melungeon, Lumbee and other mixed ethnic group descenants.
    Please prepare by watching the full length Youtube announcement of Backintyme Promo Show Here. Of you are interested in being a featured guest or bloger, please do email me at backintyme@mehrapublishing.com
    You can find the Backintyme.biz on Face Book Here
    You Can Visit Our Website Here Backintyme.biz

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    How to deal with depression.

    in Lifestyle

    We'll be discussing how to deal with depression physically and mentally.

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    Acting in Forgiveness with Greg Hunter

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    Maia Aziz, Social Worker (PSW) and Certified Humor Professional (CHP) writes and speaks on living a life of love and laughter.  Assistant Administrative Chief of Allied Health Services at the Montreal Children's Hospital, contributing writer to The Positive Psychology People and active member of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia spends her Sunday mornings sharing 3 of her favorite things with someone who is out there pushing the positive- a fresh cup of coffee, a heartfelt conversation and some spontaneous laughter. These are conversations about love, laughter, leadership and well, life! 
    A former national track champion, Greg Hunter spent over 25 on the front lines of healthcare, before co-founding ManageUP, a fully-integrated solution to healthcare administration. Manage Up offers a platform for effective performance and organizational culture management and was born from the recognition that healthcare administrators challenges related to performance management issues were having an adverse impact on the very cultures they were trying to improve.

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