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    Queen Mother Goddess Opulence Ra Ntr offers Sacred Soul Messenges

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    Susan Somerset Webb Tap Into Your Life

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    A highly sought after professional speaker, a popular author and a catalyst for deep and profound personal change, as well as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, a Psych K Practitioner, and Certified NLP practitioner, she is considered an expert by the experts. Her clients include high profile public personalities, and people all over the world who practice in diverse professions including psychotherapy, acupuncture, law and chiropractic. In addition to working with adults, Susan has a thriving practice working with children and teenagers. She is the author of Tap It! The EFT Playbook, the creator of a on-going 8 week online course for entrepreneurial women, an EFT Program for Teens With Addictions and an EFT and Law of Attraction Tapping Group and a free one hour monthly teleclass, The Tapping Tribe. For more information please visit Susan at www.tapintoyourlife.com. To contact her for speaking engagements or to find out more about her workshop availability, please contact her at susan@tapintoyourlife.com
    "A year from now you may wish
     you had started today."   Karen Lamb

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    SCUBA DIVE CUBA with Undersea Expedition's Greg Hamman

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    WOW, Scuba Diving in Cuba!  This is definitely a bucket list item. 
    Join us for this amazing opportunity to scuba dive Cuba.  Greg Hamman will tell everything we need to know about how to make this dream a reality.
    About Undersea Expeditions
    Since its founding by Chris Winkle in 1991, Undersea Expeditions has offered "gay-friendly" group adventures to the world's most exotic dive locations, as well as dive travel planning services to our community. Their mission continues today under the management of Greg Hamman, an avid diver with a background in international business and a belief that bringing more gays and lesbians into scuba diving offers our community a vacation alternative, while benefiting conservation by adding our collective voices and economic power to those who are helping to protect these amazing ecosystems.
    Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation experience? Undersea Expiditions charter whole liveaboards and book blocks of hotel rooms, and the staff consistently e-mail us asking when our group will return, since they have as much fun hosting us as we do staying with them. They travel to the best dive destinations: Cuba, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Galapagos.
    Beginners get their dive certification on many of their trips, and experienced divers appreciate the exotic ports of call and liveaboard dive opportunities. Meet new dive buddies and enjoy diving with OUR family.
    Undersea Expedition's website

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    Zero Tolerance Policies and the Public School System w/ Dr. Joseph Chinedu King

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    I'm honored to have on tonight's broadcast of Somethin' 4 The Fellas, Dr. Joseph Chinedu King, of Saginaw, MI. via Montgomery, Al. A great friend and brother of mine, that has appeared on several previous broadcasts. We'll discuss the Zero Tolerance policies, that have been adopted by many of our public school systems throughout the country. It is vital to the success of young people, that they be properly educated, in order to meet the demands of the 21st century. Harsh disciplinary procedures and practices in the public school system are disproportionate, impacting majority poor and minority students. Our goal tonight is to inspire constuctive dialogue that leads to practical steps,to be implemented, that will facilitate the process of reversing the school to prison pipeline. Please join us on tonight's broadcast.Let's Get It!!! #NUFFSAID

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    The Revolution

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    If my thoughts & ideas are different then yours will I be concidered a coon? If date a white woman does it mean I don't love my people? Contrary to popular belief the revolution will not be televised. how ever what we do with each other before & after will be. I guess my question is who can & can not be a revoluionary?

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    What Now?! Let's Discuss

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     Today on Speaking Freedom Radio we are gonna uncover the psychology behind both being vulnerable as a man, being a successful person in the world of entertainment and how to avoid pitfalls and repeated cases of patterned behavior... We will also offer support on blending families and transitions in maturity, we are gonna discuss how to overcome ourselves and our own challenges, we will be highlighting Kevin Hart also.... .... (Caption from an Instagram post) Kevin, I respect your public apology and I watch the video... praying for your wife more than you today, being pregnant is difficult enough, but add drama and journalist and shit.... Despite the conception of your realationship and marriage, I'm sure Tori doesn't feel necessarily good seeing you go through this even considering y'alls recent back and forth, but you sure can overstand the backlash after recent statements....  ..... I don't condone cheating, especially if it was her bday... But I believe in poly life and this is one instance that the clause can kick in... my professional suggestion if this behavior continues would be to hire a scout and go a new route, even when considering house help.... I pray your marriage is for the long haul and that this doesn't become a habit, but more so that you raise happy and healthy children as 1 family.... (This is where my Theories come into play and help you organize your life, by recognizing how to reorganize your mental, spiritual and emotional needs... I have several video series that speak more fluently about making family WORK and embracing different dynamics of life...) .... ... Tune in As we take a different approach when looking at a common issue in marriage, especially entertainment... Hopefully the topics discussed can give you insight and help people around the world to approach life differently... 
    Speaking Freedom and Friend

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    Keedren Boston: Knowing Your Purpose

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    I Am Refocused Podcast interview with music artist Keedren Boston aka "BossTon"
    Tune in and share!

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    Allergy Season 2016

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    Allergies are one of many conditions caused by hypertensitivity of the immune system.
    Find out what you can do to help control - prevent allergy attacks this season.
    Click the link below to learn more about the products mentioned in this show

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    Networking Tips on A Splendid SATURDAY

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    Networking, either social or business is a key to success when wanting to build trust and relationshios with others especially in business. I hope to share some tips as well as from my experience with you in a short 10 minutes of Networking on 'A Splendid SATURDAY '

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    Crisis Dramatist Phyllis Helene interviews:
          Returning Guest DR. LESLY PHILIPS
    Speaker, Author, Leader, Meditation Teacher and Healer.
             Uplifting Humanity Through Meditation!!!!!!

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    Real Talk with Wesley Williams Gets Real with Sampson McCormick

    in LGBT

    This Friday January 23, at 12PM Sampson McCormick the first openly gay black male comedian to headline at the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. will be joining Wesley on Real Talk. 
    Sampson McCormick is a nationally touring, award winning, stand up comedian, writer and activist who can make audiences double over in laughter whether he's joking about his whacky and beloved, Aunt Jackie, his twink neighbor or addressing homophobia, poverty, and religion. For over a decade, he has been a favorite at LGBT pride festivals and mainstream venues alike. His screen appearances include BET, MTV's "Real World",  and the Oprah Winfrey Network. He is also the author of two books "Ebonic Faggotry", and "Taboo Village: A Perspective on Being Gay In Black America" and is at work on his third. He's also released three live stand up comedy albums, including his latest"That Bitch Better Be Funny: Live at the Howard Theater", where he made history, becoming the first openly gay comedian to headline the famous venue. 
    We warn you now, this episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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