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    The Pilot: AmoreBShow

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    The Pilot

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    The fire from Heaven

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    Arise Saints and be blessed

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    Husband and Wife Battle Romance - BREAKING THROUGH THE TOUCH BARRIERS

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    Picture it, an argument has wedged time and distance between you. Perhaps it's been a day or three or even years since you actually made contact with each other in a physical sense. Just how do you break through the touch barrier if you are wanting to make that leap toward having the romance you deserve and the marriage you dreamed of? So conflict expert and wife, Karleen, and conflict creator and husband, Don, come together to battle out the ideas. Take a listen to their very honest and high energy conversation.

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    Confronting Cyber-Bullying: Disarming Trauma and Tragedy

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    Nearly 1/4 of all teens report having been or being cyber-bullied, that is, beng subjected to aggressive actions by one or more students.  (We are not focusing on workplace bullying, though clearly this too is a growing concern with parallel issues.)  Bullying is not "kids just being kids."  Bullying involves a realtionship with an imbalance of power (again, also think workplace) and affects role performance, sense of competence, and self-confidence.  Often because of the same factor, bully targets may suffer in silence.  Bullying can incite self-destructive actions, even suicide.  Might a group of students taunting and stalking a peer be seen as "teenage terrorists"? How can parents and other authority figures recognize the signs?  How can schools (or workplaces) purposefully and systematically intervene and change the culture?
    Tune in as
    Dustin Bray, Computer Scientist/Game Analyst and
    Mark Gorkin, the Stress Doc
    grapple with this modern day variation on a longstanding source of trauma and tragedy.
    Guest call in # 607-203-5455
    To download the show anytime, go to...   blogtalkradio.com/hchtw
    Mark Gorkin, stressdoc@aol.com

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