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    Why be in a relationship when you can just have a sex partner who wants to complicate things.

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    They Sleep We Grind!

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    Feel like your standing still? Do you dread waking up to a dead end job day after day? Are you trying to start your dream business or increase income & value for your current business? Tune into Talk Girl Talk with Oni G. & Miss Candi and our special guests Tye Woodson, Tai Gibson & Tyranny Allen on January 21, 2012 7pm CST to discuss successful ways you can:
    Adopt new strategies that will empower you to take your career & business to the next level! Maximize you your career & business potential. Build & Brand your business If you are starting the business you have always dreamed about and more!  Remember the guy who gave up? Neither does anyone else! Either you find a way or make a way. But whatever you choose to do, make sure you tune in to They Sleep We Grind with Oni G. & Miss Candi along with our guests on TalkGirlTalk.com or call us (646) 478-3150!
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    01/20/2012 Elder Abuse at Henry Ford Behavioral Health 8pm

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    FRIDAY 01/20/2012 At 8pm Eastern Standard Time
    Army Veteran James Chism is being starved to death at "Henry Ford Behavioral Health"
    Formerly known as "St. Joseph's Sanitorium"

    His custodial "wife" has banned his children from seeing him because they were caught feeding him.
    And they are all standing outside in the rain, holding signs to try and save his life.

    Join us with the Chism children:
    Laurie "I just want to give my dad a milkshake"

    Call in with your questions, suggestions and comments:

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    first trial of show

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    The Topic of S4S

    in Culture

    We're discussing S4S and why it is so controversial. People will argue up and down about it and why its wrong. They read from whatever handbook that no one knows about, that was written for the "Community". So the topic is S4S, do you agree with it, disagree with it, how do you feel?

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    Open Heart: A discussion on how to Love Yourself!

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    Welcome to Open Heart a weekly discussion about ways to Love Yourself.
    We look forward to sharing a topic of the week that may inspire you and help you nurture, love, and cherish yourself and the greatness that you are.
    Have you ever found yourself having a day where you feel really down for no apparent reason?
    We often go into judgment of ourselves when these days show up. And even more when they seem to stick around for longer than we want them to.
    Each call we will discuss, share, explore ways in which loving yourself can facilitate a shift in consciousness and your experience so you can get out of the gloom or love yourself through it!  We look forward to guest speakers, experts on love, life and the pursuit of joy, well being, and happiness.
    From the Founder of The Love Yourself Campaign, Monika Zands.
    Have you loved yourself today?

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    Carol's Journey With Breast Cancer

    in Lifestyle

    Today, I welcome my Guest Carol Dunlop of Optimum Body Sculpting. www.optimumbodysculpting.com.  Carol will be discussing her journey with breast cancer.  She will also be discussing a new  project she has coming up.  If you would like to help Carol please donate to The Care For Carol Fund by visiting http://www.caringbridge.org.  

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    Demand the very best - Excellence in every area of your life

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    Welcome to another sedgment of Every Single One of  You.  This is a weekly blogtalk show that helps you reach your very best in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!  Hummmm does that mean NO ERRORS, NO MISTAKES, NO FUMBLES?  Nope you'll have them, because it happens in life, but how do you turn them over and make them work for your good?  Kenneth Copeland  wrote a book titles " Six steps to EXCELLENCE in Ministry.  Our approach won't be for Ministry alone, but it will incompass LIFE.  The same rules apply, in your every day "LIFE" .  Let's go for it!  You and me together changing the old life for a new one.  Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm cst.,  Make the best choices for a new improved and better you. 

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    Submission, The Key To Happiness

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    Listen as Aimee teaches on the importance of embracing a submissive disposition.

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    Getting back to Purpose By Staying Present

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    Often times we all tend to get a little bent out of shape in the midst of building, creating, designing, informing or transforming, and with all of who we are wrapped in who we are becoming it is time to let go, surrender to God, be still while being a strategic plan of action taker, hencehitting ALL targets & staying the course; if that means getting a little off to be reminded where you are, where you belong and where you are planning to go, thus mapping out how you will get there, so allow me to take a moment to WELCOME BACK ME, I introduce you to Daphne D. Williams, PR Writer Extradinaire, Author, Publisher, WordSmith, Thee Motivated Beauty TeenPreneur Founder, Child of God, Kingdom Building Focused, & Woman destined to live this life on purpose by staying in the present, thus not getting side track by all the unnessecary noise that clogs days, and frustrates the clear way to YOU, which tendsto make it all seem overwhelming. This go round, remembering their are NO rewinds in with time, but rather fast forwards, pauses to relaunch, stop signs to slow down, hence restrategize & restart. Notice this is my longest run on sentence, but this is how my brain works, I dream in color, so I give myself permission to live outside the lines. No apologies for taking time for branding my gifts while stirring them up & laying the foundations for the legacy of residual wealth that leads others to their promised land of abundance, more than enough. As I reflect on all the accomplishments I have made this year and all the things I need to improve, I remember I am human being with passion and love of Gods word with so many mustard seeds seriously I totally lost count, and with that said, I have allowed those I mentor along with my clients to take a snapshoot at my brilliant mind to unwind what binds them, thereby prohibits them from becoming who they already are. What a happier life I have since I have decided to not fit into a niche but design it!

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    Human potencial and evironmental connection

    in Culture

    Exploring the world of modern society may reveal that the human way of life has ignored it´s true potencial. Humanity´s creativity and capacity of understanding reality can prove, if well managed, to be the way of creating an evolving expresion of human life that can thrive through knowledge into a sustainable relationship with the enviorment, and create a world in which life may prosper in balance and posibility.

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