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    A Catch Conversation with Darrell Passwater

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    Since 1980, Darrell has been in higher education as a business professor and Dean. He serves as a partner in the Orange County Exit Planning Group and the team includes experienced Christian professionals (i.e., contract lawyer, estate lawyer, accountant, investment banker, and a registered investment advisor) whose passion is to assist business owners plan and position their company for an optimum sale. His primary ministry includes being the leader of The Good Steward Project, a spiritual and social support group for Christian’s ages 20 to mid 30’s who are in the marketplace and want to have an impact for The Kingdom. Darrell’s personal mission statement is “Assist the Kingdom minded, assist The Kingdom.” He lives this out by assisting to develop people spiritually, relationally and vocationally.

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    She's Gone Country w/the CBCowgirls LIVE from the NFR 2015 FoRe! Radio

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    "She's Gone Country" with the CB Cowgirls 
    Join us as we talk LIVE from the NFR 2015 Monday 6:00pm pt
    ~Back to our roots!   www.ShesGoneCountry.us Call to listen in only or join the conversation!  (347) 857-3760 on www.FoReRadio.com
    Hosts - Becky & Vicki Christensen  Guest Co-Hosts: Donnalyn Quintana, Cody Custer  Producer - Maria DiGiovanni Executive Producer - FoRe! Living Royal Productions FoRe! Charity TEAM of Choice - *Western Wishes www.WesternWishes.org 
    Thank You to our Show Sponsors Les Schwab Tires Ambassador Coaching *Tres Rios Trophy Buckles FoRe! Living Royal Productions
    Thank You to our Station Sponsors: *Higher Ascent/BRAME.BIZ *Modern American Dentistry BMB Builders & Remodeling *RLL/The Ambassador Program *Debra Osborne - Coldwell Banker Beachside FoRe! Radio™ is a Media/PR Platform owned and operated by FoRe! International  www.FoReRadio.com a www.LivingRoyalProductions.com

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    Bruno Groening, Circle of Friends Healing Round Table

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    This evening Mitchell is holding a Roundtable on Bruno Groning’s Circle of Friends Healing Community.  This is an international community that continues to manifest remarkable healings based on Bruno’s teachings long past his physical passing in 1959. 
    Guests include Daniella Dentico, neuro-scientist, Dr.Guido Kury, M.D. from Germany, Elizabeth Roseborough is a retired award-winning, high school teacher from Pittsburgh. Barb Woods is currently retired from Crystal Clear Communications, 
    These are people who have experienced healings or have witnessed healings of those close to them, through the Circle of Friends.  This is a deeply spritual, healing group which continues to yield benefits long after Bruno Groening himself has passed.
    They physicians and others of the group will be touring throughout Florida, New York and the U.S. this Spring offering free healing events.

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    Life Lessons with Leo McDonald, EVP of Mission Ad Group

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    Gracefully-Yours greeting cards presents a special feature: Life Lessons with Leo McDonald, EVP of Mission Ad Group.
    Visit www.gracefully-yours.com for special discounts on your favorite inspirational greeting cards and journals.

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    J.R. Thicklin: Domestic Violence & abuse

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    Talk Radio: 9pm est
    Hope & Healing: A Journey to wholeness (Domestic Violence)
    Host: J.R. Thicklin
    Call in to speak on air OR Listen only at (323) 784-9638 (If you decide to want to make an on air comment press the number one on your keypad)

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    Slavery Survivors' Descendants Own Nat Turner Plantation!

    in Culture

    Slavery Survivors' Descendants Own Nat Turner Plantation! Turner Family offer Nat Turner's  Cave, to be part of driving tour | http://bit.ly/NatTurnerTour The Turner descendants gained a piece of history when they inherited his two farms. Nat Turner was an enslaved African American who led a rebellion of enslaved and free black men in Southampton County, Virginia on August 21, 1831, that resulted in the deaths of 55 to 65 white people. He used a cave for his refuge . It was in that cave that Nat Turner was discovered.  The Turner Family hope to have the location of the cave added as a part of a proposed driving tour — backed by the Southampton County Historical Society — that would follow the journey of Nat Turner and the rebellion. “We feel that it is our duty to our grandfather, Sidney, to pass on the history of our land, and that it is our purpose to keep that history alive for future generations,” Hawkins said.  

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    Trust Your Journey--What is Your "Why It Matters"

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    Why It Matters--it drives you, inspires you and motivates you to do the things you do. You come by it honestly. You are what you know. Your Why It Matters will influence you throughout your lifetime. So, there is no better time than now to take a closer look at the uniqueness of you and your Why It Matters. 
    Join Certified Life & Executive Coach Beth Brownlee and Certified Executive Sherpa Coach Debbie Fain this Thursday, April 20th, at Noon ET (US) when they discuss Trust Your Journey--What is Your "Why It Matters." Feel free to call into the show (515) 602-9776 to share in the discussion or stream live to listen by using the link below. Also, email your story or questions to beth@trustyourjourney.com if you would like them read and answered on air. 
    Wherever life takes you--Trust Your Journey!

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    Women Go Raw Radio - Can a fruitarian diet work?

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    What is a fruitarian diet? Is it possible to be healthy on a fruitarian diet? Victoria Everett lost 120 lbs. on a primarily fruitarian diet. She continues to follow this plan with good results. Victoria will share her inspiring story. We know that a moderate carbohydrate, low fat diet can help with weight loss, blood sugar regulation, and the avoidance of many common illnesses. 

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    David Garonzik

    in Culture

    David Garonzik has been involved in film since he was 19. He has run some of the most in-demand screening rooms in Hollywood. David’s depth of knowledge of film invites privileged interaction with both the world of top filmmakers, and emerging talent alike.

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    Transgender Day of Visibility 2017

    in LGBT

    SHOW: SPECTRUM STORIES: Transgender Day of Visibility  2017
    LIVE ON AIR # [516-453-9961]
    Hosted by:
    Roddy Biggs
    Production music courtesy of:

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    Dr. Terry Wahls LIVE- Cooking for Life

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    Up Your Volume radio is excited, honored & proud to have Dr. Terry Wahls LIVE on our morning show, April 8th at 10am PST to share her latest research & newly released book The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life. 
    This will be Dr. Wahls 1st interview in months & will offer LIVE Q&A. Mark your calenders now for you chance to speak directly with Dr. Terry Wahls. We are so excited to be able to share all the excitement around her new book The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life.  Within the pages of this amazing new book Dr. Wahls shares the essential Paleo-inspired recipes we need to reduce & often eliminate chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms related to autoimmune problems, neurological diseases, and other chronic conditions, even when physicians have been unable to make a specific diagnosis.
    The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life is packed with easy-to-prepare meals based on Dr. Wahls’s pioneering therapeutic lifestyle clinic & her clinical research, offered in a simple format readers can customize to their own needs and preferences.
    The book offers strategies for cooking on a budget, reducing food waste, celebrating the holidays without compromising health, and helpful tips from fellow Wahls Warriors, The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life will empower readers to make lasting changes & finally reclaim their health.
    Join us to learn more Saturday, April 8th at 10am PST & prepare to up your volume with Dr. Terry Wahls LIVE.

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