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Spiritual Bricks to Rebuild Lives0

Spiritual Bricks to Rebuild Lives


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In order to stand daily in this journey we have to refortify our fences (Holy Spirit Connection) before we can rebuild our lives on the foundation of Chris

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Prayer is difinitely the key to our being able to have relationship with God and Faith puts us in the positon of personal fellowship with Him. Dr.Morris Ceriulo wrote a prayer bible which I enjoy studying from, often. I have learned on... more

Knowledge is good, but there is a large difference between "knowledge" (which is having the facts) and "wisdom" (which is applying those facts to life.) We may receive knowledge, but without wisdom our knowledge is useless. We must... more

Have you found Christ yet? If you haven't ... Are you looking for Him in the right place? Are you walking in the right direction? jDpo you even know who you are looking for? When two of John's disciples followed Jesus and they did not even... more

Miracles are what we look for on a day to day basis. Some search for a divine cure to an unhealable disease. Some search for a financial miracle to come in the mail or suddenly appear in their bank account. Some are even hoping to find... more

Psalm 90:2 "Before the mountain were brought forth or ever thou hast formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting." Now Moses was near the end of life when he wrote this psalm. He had lived a long and eventful... more

I remember when the Gospel of Christ was centered around the cross. The cross is where it all began and where it all ended. it was finished at the CROSS. What does that mean? There is no more need for sacrafice, no more need for a new... more

When called to rebuild the walls to the city of Jerusalem the Jews must have been overwhelmed by the magnitude of the large job ahead theof them. Where do we begin? They must have asked themselves over and again before the job... more

If we look as far ack into our rearview mirrow (past), as far back as we can remember we could agree that every step we took was a climb to get us to where we are now... today. If you are a Christian or if you are a non Christian, or if... more

Some questions asked at certain times take on the form of rhetoric. Asked but really doesn't need an answer as the one asking most probably already have the answer... within. Jesus' response to what he probably viewed as rhetorical... "... more

These days we want to pick and choose our own tasks (jobs) assignments in God. Make our own challenges ... We seek out the easy jobs or tasks because it would be too exhausting and time consuming to actually do as we have been... more