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Spiritual Bricks to Rebuild Lives0

Spiritual Bricks to Rebuild Lives


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In order to stand daily in this journey we have to refortify our fences (Holy Spirit Connection) before we can rebuild our lives on the foundation of Chris

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It is a very sad day for children who do not obey their father, says the Lord. ?They have decided what to do, but they did not ask me about it.They have decided to agree with Egypt, but without my Spirit's help. They have done more and more... more

28:1) There will be a very sad dau in Ephraim! The Leaders of Ephraim are very proud but they are drunks. Ephrahim is like abeautiful flower, but it will die. It will not always be beautiful. Ephraimis at the top of a velly whre there are good... more

Last week we re-read the word of warning that God sent to the 7 churches in Asia by his Apostle John, to warn the people of the things the WILL come on those that remain and also the destruction of the heavens and the earth in "That Day..."... more

In order for John to be in the spiritual postion to receive the vision on the Island of Patmos where he was band he had to be spiritually available for God to connect. Banning him to this lonely place where there was no other people to have... more

Isaiah Chapters 24-27 are said to be predictions about the end of the world.Some bible scholars call them the Apocalypse a lot like Revelations but shorter in content.The prophecy is about God's judgement on the entire world for their... more

Responding to bible prophecy the correct way is very important. We have studied the bible prophecies of Isaiah and how he dealt with Judah and Jerusalem during the days of old according as God had directed him. He is the prophet to bring... more

When studying the book of Isaiah over the last few months we have noticed that everyone responds to prophecy, but there is the correct way to respond ( God's Way) and the incorrect way. Whether you know it or not when you just... more

There was a song with a ballard by Evangelist Shirley Ceasar that was written a long time ago entitled "I Want My Soul To Be Saved. It went on to detail a kid that went to Sunday school and what he learned made him concerned about... more

Not only did the woman with the issue get healed at the touch of His garment so did soooo many others. In this day and age saints have turned into just church folk. Not seeking the Lord but for relationship but what ever they can get.... more

God sent a word to his prophet to warn Israel the Northern region and Judah the Southern region about their wicked ways and that they are in direct line for His judgement if they continue in that way. When the word came to them their... more