Lies My Country Told Me

Lies My Country Told Me

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Humorous political discourse, one Canadian, two Americans (actually Texans).

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Political Discourse with Texan Fred and Canadian co-host Marg on the American Political Process in a humourous vein.
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IDLE NO MORE, a Canadian grass root movement, coupled with Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, has brought Canada's ?native? problem into the global spotlight. It has polarized the Canadian political discourse, pitting the indigenous... more

Fred and Marg will be joined by our regular guest, Jeff, The Smurf Hierarchical Revolution and Karen, former host of Ventura County Progressive United in a round table discussion of Chuck Hagel and his nomination for Secretary of... more

In the aftermath of yet another mass shooting, this one at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the national debate regarding gun control again polarizes the nation. According to the NRA, schools need to be armed in order to ensure the... more

Join Fred and Marg on Lies My Country Told Me, "A Very Merry GOP Christmas" special. Another year has gone by with plenty of GOPanitcs and what would it really mean in the great scheme of things without Fred and Marg mocking, yes I... more

Michigan has joined 23 other "work to rule" states to fulfill the corporatocracy and right wing agenda of union busting. Rick Snyder, Michigan's Republican Governor, signed this into legislation contrary to his election commitment in which he... more

Fred and Marg will be discussing the complete implosion of the GOP party post 2012 Presidential Election, including the Fiscal Financial Cliff (along with the cliff the GOP is heading for with no brakes!). We will be joined by Jeff, frequent... more

Fred and Marg spend a great 4 days in Tarana, NOT TORONTO – the second ?T? is silent and it kind of has a Jerseyesque twinge to it. Today show is going to be all about America's partner in crime to the great white North (well in... more

Fred & Marg are going on vacation and will not be hosting the show on November 24, 2012. In this episode Jeff and friends will take a look at the future of Progressive policy within the Democratic Party. Calls are welcome as well... more

Senator John McCain has had an active week. From railing against not being in the loop in regard to the Bengzhai embassy attack due to missing briefings while pandering to the cameras, to sticking out his tongue (this is not a first) at a... more

Election 2012 was certainly one of a kind. Never has the Democratic Party faced such extreme, way out there rhetoric that now defines the mainstream GOP. This election should have been a walk in the park. Instead, we barely dodged a bullet... more
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