Lies My Country Told Me

Lies My Country Told Me

The Jackson 2

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Humorous political discourse, one Canadian, two Americans (actually Texans).

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Political Discourse with Texan Fred and Canadian co-host Marg on the American Political Process in a humourous vein.
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The American Dream; the belief that the success of an individual; independent of race, gender, sexual orientation or circumstance of birth, is solely contingent on one's hard work and talent, is dead in the water as inequality continues to widen... more

From the ongoing Bridgegate scandal to Indictamania, the past week has not only once again demonstrated the complete dysfunction of the American political system, but has also provided with hours of fun and entertainment. This week... more

GOP Governor, Chris Christie's recent landslide re-election in the very blue state of New Jersey surprised no one. Although always a controversial political figure, the polls indicated that Republican, as well as Democrat New Jerseyites... more

We're back! Ring in 2014 with Fred and Marg! Fred and Marg will be looking back at the abysmal year of non-productivity by our duly elected Congressional representatives, celebrating remarkable moments featured on our Wall of Fame... more

One year ago, December 7, 2012, the parents of students attending the Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut realized their worst nightmare. After killing his mother, Nancy, shooter Adam Lanza shot through a... more

?Well that was the silliest tea party I ever went to! I am never going back there again!? ? Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland The GOP-aggers are like manna from heaven. Why bother paying for cable in order to watch John Stewart or... more

Black Friday is an American tradition and the official start of the Holiday Season. The American shop until you drop phenomena is now encroaching more and more into Thanksgiving, a holiday that has always symbolizes with time spent with... more

In a nation where 20% of the population receives SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), the homeless, the poor, the hungry seem to be the poster children of what is wrong with this country. Corporations like McDonalds and... more

The "new and improved" GOP consists of a politicization of Christianity to further their agenda. How Christianlike are the members of the religious rights? Apparently the doctrine of the religious right has little to do with social justice,... more

The Obamacare Health Care exchanges are now open for business and once again dominated the headlines since the government returned from the GOP self-imposed, government shutdown created specifically to defund the... more
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