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Lies My Country Told Me


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Humorous political discourse, one Canadian, one American (actually Texan).

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Jed Lemon will be interviewing Deborah Dupre. Deborah Dupre' holds American and Australian science and education graduate degrees and for thirty years been engaged in human rights, environmental and peace activism. Along with Rhyme... more

Jed and Marg welcome Dr. Robert Jensen , a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, to discuss the role of media and today's political landscape. His recent book, All My Bones Shake: Seeking a... more

The continued polarization of America seems to have reached new heights in the past few weeks. It is no longer the irrational rantings of someone like Michele Bachmann's fears whose limited intelligence allows her to buy into craziness,... more

Well, look who the cat dragged in. Fred and Marg are so extremely pleased that Jed Lemon will be joining the show! Jed will be interviewing Dr. John T. Harvey, Professor of Economics at Texas Christian University at the top of the hour.... more

Under the Obama administration, six whistleblowers have been indicted under the Espionage Act of 1917, more than all adminstrations combined. It has become apparent that the Obama administration's purpose is to discourage any reporting... more

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling. NDAA China. Rhyme Time News.

It is just cooperation for mutual good, or is the US coopting Canada into their exclusive club of world domination? Throughout our shared history, for most part, Canada has been the United States friend throughout sickness and in health. It... more

Last week we were unable to get to the topic of Voter Suppression. This week we are going to give it another try. It seems that the GOP methodology of winning elections is that if you can't win on merit, cheat. Voter suppression, in the name... more

The introduction of Florida's HB 1355 may rob the votes of minorities, the elderly and students; groups that traditionally tend to cast their ballot for a Democrat. 91 year old, WW II veteran, Bill Intericola, was required to provide... more

Love her or hate her, there is an evil genius in Sarah Palin's self promotion. She certainly received more than her 15 minutes of fame. From the moment she was vetted as the Republican Presidential Canadidate, catapulting her into... more
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