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Lies My Country Told Me


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Humorous political discourse, one Canadian, one American (actually Texan).

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As Sir Walter Raleigh Scott so famously opined, ?Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive?. While both the United States and Canadian governments were plagued with scandal over the past few weeks, the... more

The parallels between the Nixon administration and the current Obama Administration are striking although 41 years have passed. Considering Richard M. Nixon is a Republican and Barack H. Obama a Democrat, the similarities... more

CPAC was just a warm up for the main event for true craziness, the 2013 NRA Convention held over the past week. From workshops instructing parents to store their guns in their children's bedrooms to the newly elected NRA... more

In America, the Boston Marathon, America's oldest and most prestigious race, falls victim to senseless violence. A drone strike targeting a Yemeni village this past week, leaves five dead, while he legality of the drone program... more

Let us make no mistake whom the Senate represents and it certainly beyond a shadow of doubt that is isn't , "We The People". 90% of the American populace clearly supported background checks related to gun purchase effectively closing... more

Barack Obama, the "First African American President Elected" to save this great republic from the evil doers, the greed class, Wall Street. Cast in the role of all around bad guy, the all purpose embodiment of all things evil, the Street's Darth... more

Four years have passed since events put into motion decades ago lead to the almost complete financial cataclysm facilitated by the Masters of the Universe who acted with malfeasance, forethought, premeditation and intent. These acts... more

June 2007, two Bear Stearns hedge funds are forced into bankruptcy -- they had invested in AAA-rated mortgage-backed securities whose value had plummeted. 2008 began with another ripple, as the stock market began to downturn. The... more

Today's show will feature a hypocritical government run amok, Iraq, Aaron Schwartz, and the fiscal cliff. The Fiscal Cliff While we like to blame the obstructionist GOP for virtually everything, including the financial cliff, we forget... more

It's that time of the year again, when CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference) descends on an unsuspecting city. GO-Baggers GO WILD! All of the restraint demonstrated by the GO-Baggers in real life in order to get elected is... more
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