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A show that shines a light on inner or self leadership, the feminine awakening, and leading from the mature heart. Inner leadership is an essential component to being a leader in the world. Being a good leader to our own selves means acknowledging, care-taking and managing the parts of ourselves that compromise our being, with a goal to have all of our parts in agreement and partnership. Leading ourselves, we become a good leader in the world. Women are uniquely suited to hold the feminine model of leadership (which is inclusive and connective) due to design of our bodies and brains, so we will see women step into a greater role of leadership as the world changes. It's time for women to awaken! Hosted by Licia Berry, a mature woman, wife and mother, author, educator, leader, mentor, and women's advocate, owner of Illumined Arts. A long time educator and leader with 25 years of professional experience, Licia Berry is a midlife woman (almost 50) who brings a balanced, practical, grounded, kind, respectful and holistic perspective to the discussion on modern feminine leadership. For more info go to . (Also, please enjoy her early radio station as a younger woman, )

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Create your most fulfilled life experience with my tested formula! IT WORKS! Setting intentions is more scientific than we might think....there are tried and true ways to manifest our desires, but a few conditions must be met. DO you... more

The quantum mechanics and neuroscience behind Collective Intelligence, what many call our angels, spirit helpers, guides and teachers, and what I call our Helping Team. I love to play in the intersection of science and spirit! This show... more

The most honest I have ever seen someone be is when they are making art. When I taught art in the public schools, I marveled at the pouring forth of my students when I asked them to create. There was a purity & directness in their... more

If there is ever a person who embodies the concept that a positive attitude affects your life, it is Judee Light. Join us as Judee shares with us why attitude really IS everything, and how she is a determined pioneer of FUN being a central theme... more

MY MOST DOWNLOADED SHOW TO DATE at over 2500+ listens! Yes, I am a rabble-rouser, and this one will get you thinking and touch your heart! Learn the importance of alignment in your "Original Design" in creating the life you want... more

She is making Her presence known in very practical ways now...both in the earth and in our bodies (which are an extension of earth.) Have you noticed? Have you noticed feeling greater body awareness? Odd aches and pains, or merely... more

We are all powerful, but women can access a different quality and level of power. This bold statement has scientific back up as well as being evidenced by the design of our physical body. We are able to bring life forth, the greatest... more

"No wind serves him who addresses his voyage to no certain port." -Michel de Montaigne, French humanist essayist Intention is the marriage of mind/body and spirit, a focused form of prayer in which we set our course in life. Intentions can... more

We are in an extraordinary window of time, in which the larger energy of the cosmos is encouraging us (through multiple, complex yet inherently natural factors) to bring our body and our spirit together in our heart center. We see the... more
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