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Illumined Hearts Radio showcases human beings whose hearts are afire for a better world! Through inspiring and informative topics and interviews, we shine a light on inner or self leadership, the feminine awakening, partnership and wholeness, and leading from the mature heart. Women are uniquely suited to hold the feminine model of leadership (which is inclusive and connective) due to design of our bodies and brains, so we will see women step into a greater role of leadership as the world changes. No more trying to be someone we’re not…It's time for women to awaken! Hosted by Licia Berry, a mature woman, wife and mother, author, educator, speaker, mentor, women's advocate, and business owner of Frontier Woman, Inc. and Illumined Arts. A long time educator and leader with 25 years of professional experience, Licia Berry is a midlife woman (almost 50) who brings a balanced, practical, grounded, kind, respectful and holistic perspective to the discussion on modern feminine leadership. For more info go to www.LiciaBerry.com . (Also, please enjoy her early radio station as a younger woman, www.blogtalkradio.com/goofygoddess )

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Join me as I interview CARLA HANNAFORD, Ph.D., educator, biologist, international consultant and author of Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head, The Dominance Factor: How Knowing Your Dominant Ear,... more

Do you remember your childhood idea of pure love? Do you remember dreaming about your "Other", your playmate, the One who would match your heart? There's a reason...that is the love that's real. Peter and Licia Berry left... more

Did you know you have an inner frontier? And THAT is where your strengths, gifts, talents and True Power is? Get the FREE Intro to The Frontier Inside Podcast here! http://eepurl.com/3vhWz WAHOO! Join me to learn: to become... more

I'll be interviewing a special guest (and featured speaker at The Frontier Inside retreat in Tucson, Arizona, October 24-26, 2014), equine therapist Judy Schneider! Judy Schneider helps women in transition create the next chapter in... more

Join me as I talk with Marjorie Schoelles, CEO of MsXmedia and one of my Soulmates in Business! A former VP of marketing for a national corporation, Marjorie now assists others to connect their purpose and their business. "I... more

Join me as I interview my colleague, collaborator, and friend Marjorie Schoelles as we discuss Business, Energy, and Purpose- a blended way to live our passion, serve our purpose & reach our people! Many of us feel called to be of service in... more

Create your most fulfilled life experience with my tested formula! IT WORKS! Setting intentions is more scientific than we might think....there are tried and true ways to manifest our desires, but a few conditions must be met. DO you... more

The quantum mechanics and neuroscience behind Collective Intelligence, what many call our angels, spirit helpers, guides and teachers, and what I call our Helping Team. I love to play in the intersection of science and spirit! This show... more

The most honest I have ever seen someone be is when they are making art. When I taught art in the public schools, I marveled at the pouring forth of my students when I asked them to create. There was a purity & directness in their... more
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