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We are pleased that Mr. John Wohlstetter, Nuclear Policy Expert and London Center Senior Fellow has agreed to return to our show to discuss Iran's nuclear program. Listen in and call in with your questions, or comments, now also toll-free 888-773-4460. Look forward to hearing from you.
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What questions would you ask the presidential candidates? So far the questions have been on the soft side and allow the respondents to wiggle out of the answer. The questions are too broad and without specificity. I would nail them down.... more

This will be part two of my warning that one of the most dangerous segment of our political landscape is the well meaning, benevolent, kind hearted Progressive movement. Those that are Progressives don't even realize how dangerous their... more

Mr. Wayne Allyn Root, Libertarian Candidate for President has agreed to a 30 minute interview. He is a well funded, successful, flambouant, civil libertarian fiqure that has a real shot at the White House. Personally, I am excited by his... more

With the exception of Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party presidential candidates, how would you classify the front runner candidates. The work "progressive" comes to mind. Let's examine this and how it will effect you. Join in by calling... more

Do the presidential candidates actually want to end the conflict in Iraq? If they did, can they? I content that this is not possible, but we will hear "feel good" words from each of the candidates except for Ron Paul. Call in with your view (646)... more

The general public is under the assumption that they are in control of the election. Election time is their opportunity to elect who they think is right for the job of running this country. Is this true? Who actually elects, or selects, the president?... more

I had intended to illustrate how religion with politics had the potential of being constitutional poison. I touched on this subject only briefly on Sunday, but then ran out of time. I would like to continue this discussion on Thursday morning.... more

Many voters believe that you can not separate religion from politics. Is the reverse then true? Is this a valid presmise? Does religion make better politicians? Let's unravel this delimma and try to make some rational sense out of it. Of course,... more

What's the result of the President's address to the nation? Did we learn anything, or was this more of the same? I'd like to hear from my listeners, so tune in and chime in by calling (646) 652-4620.

Why does the govenment control the money supply? The government doesn't engage in business, nor is it a producer of products or services. Doesn't it make sense to have the people who create wealth be the purveyor of the... more