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Joe Cristiano

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Critical thought and commentary on current issues with a libertarian perspective.

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We are pleased that Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute's Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies and Editor-in-Chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review has agreed to return to our show. Mr. Shapiro will discuss the ramifications of some of the more recent Supreme Court decisions. We do hope you can join us for this insightful discussion.
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Did you know that Argentina is currently engaged in a financial monetary crisis similar to that in 2002. Apparently, everyone is attempting to trade in their pesos for any other currency in fear that the Argentinian currency will be worthless,... more

A discussion of the reforms made to the Libertarian Party platform by Brian Holtz of the Libertarian Reform Caucus. They believe that America needs a real libertarian party that promotes liberty while being conscious of political reality, a... more
Joe Cristiano

The Libertarian Reform Caucus Speaks Out

  • by Joe Cristiano
Please join us in a conversation with the Libertarian Reform Caucus who believe that America needs a real libertarian party that promotes liberty while being conscious of political reality, a party designed to win elections, and a party that... more

Let's take a look at what happened at the Convention and the consequences for the libertarian movement. Call in with your questions (646) 652-4620.

Let's examine the unintended consequences when a nation-state takes responsibility for providing services purportedly for free. Friends of mine who consider themselves 'Social Democrats", aka Socialist, actually fear a world... more

What is it that makes us fear people who have the same desires that we have for a better life? I would like to discuss an experience I had recently as well as discussions regarding the so-called "illegal immigrants". Listen in and chime in... more

Authors of "Rabies Mom" and rights activitsts Pat Carroll and Jack McGowan will be our guests Sunday evening. We will learn about a father's right to his children. Topics include court bias and how fathers can successfully win custody of their... more

Let's examine the United Nations scorecard on freedom, world peace and prevention of human misery. Are the criticisms of U.N. practices warranted? Call in with your worldview (646)-652-4620.

Let's continue our discussion on the purpose of education and how this task is accomplished. I hope that we can entice those involved in the education system to call in with their opinion. Call in with yours (646) 652-4620.

We are pleased to have Mr. Mark B. Pickering as our guest. Mark's latest novelist "Story of the Sand" describes the struggles veterans face when attempting to return to normalcy in American society. Based on many in-depth interviews with... more