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Critical thought and commentary on current issues with a libertarian perspective.

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Let's continue to discuss a libertarian perspective on current issues such as including ethanol to assist in the nation's "energy crisis". We will include commentary on other current topics as well. Maybe we can take some of the... more

What do these two issues have in common? Will ethanol address our nation's energy needs or is it just another government program? Will the cigarette tax help in providing healthcare for those children in need? Listen in and interact!

Why do people put so much effort in making money, yet have no idea what it represents? Tune in and find out!

We need to understand the fundamental philosophy that defines our liberty. Unfortunately, this is not universally understood. Politicians know that and use it to their advantage and our loss.

Why don't the candidates for president ever mention our liberties? They only reference legislation which restricts and detracts from our freedom? Do we know that?

There are several issues to discuss with a libertarian perspective. I will attempt to discuss as many as time allows including the health care issue.

What is a bank and how did they come into being. Is my money safe there?

We are now experiencing a world-wide monetary crisis with possible dire circumstances. We know what casued this situation, but how could it have happened? Isn't the Federal Reserve Bank to ensure stability of our monetary... more

What is it that our government does that effects us directly? What can we do? Listen in and interact!

What is the ultimate deception by all governments. You'll be surprised. Tune in and interact!