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I have been notified that our guest is ill, therefore we will reschedule his interview in January if he is available. We will broadcast and discuss the issued being debated by both party nominees for president, so stay tuned and call in with... more

Those who are seeking to be President of the United States make all sorts of promises. Common to all is that they promise to lower taxes. Let's take a look at the promises of tax cuts. Can or will they? If they can, how? Call in with your... more

The role of government is grossly misunderstood by the general public. Rep. Paul is attempting to educate the public on what they should be concerned when deciding who should be the next president. Call in with your opinion to (646)... more

We will interview a true American patriot who is seeking the nomination for President. Jim is an activist with significant accomplishments to his credit. Don't miss this interview with a person of conviction. Call in with your questions and... more

Was the printing and coining of private money illegal? Was it appropriate for the government to confiscate the silver, gold, platinum, and paper Ron Paul dollars? Let's get straight on this issue with an update as to where this situation stands.

We all know the difference, but can we detect the difference. If you think we are free today, then you may have been desensitized by media propaganda. As our forefathers warned us that the threat to our country will not come from overseas,... more

We had a listener call in during Sunday's broadcast questioning Rep. Ron Paul's position on the use of the military. He compared our current situation with that of World War II and referenced the Koran. I need to expound on my response.... more

There are a number of candidates for President, but are any of them different? They sound so similar, but they at least appear to be saying the same thing. Is there anyone out there that is actually speaking for our freedom and liberty?

Let's take a look at the government mandated food labelling program sponsored by the FDA. Has this been a helpful program, or is it just another government mandate regulating our lives? What has been the effectness of this labelling?... more

We received a call from Anyd Sutton who gave us his insight into the current economic climate and what we can expect in the near future. We appreciate Andy's surprise call and hope that he will return in the near future. Our topic of... more