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Critical thought and commentary on current issues with a libertarian perspective.

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We are pleased and honored that Ms. Janet Phelan has agreed to return to our show. Janet is an investigative journalist who will be speaking with us about the ways the government intends to use water as a weapon against its own people. This is a very controversial issue, but we will let you be the judge. Do join us and call with your perspective, questions, or comments 646-652-4620. Look forward to hearing from you.
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Isn't it amazing that the people that we elect to office who are, for the most part, lawyers know everything. They are the jacks of all trades. And we follow like sheeple. Let's examine this phenomenon. Call in with your opinion (646)... more

It is our pleasure to have the dynamic Wayne Allen Root as our guest. Wayne is the Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate running with Bob Barr. This should be a high intensity interview that I am truly looking forward to. Don't miss it. Call... more

We claim to be a peaceful nation. The citizens of this country want peace, but why are we always at war with someone or something. Let's examine this phenomenon. Call (646) 652-4620.

We started our discussion of how choice equates to liberty. I think this discussion can be explored further, so let's continue on this train of thought. Call in with your comments (646) 652-4620.

One subject that the candidates for president don't address is personal choice and how our lives are the consequences of our actions. Rarely are we simply victims of uncontrollable circumstances. Once we recognize this, government... more

We are pleased to have as our guest, Dr. Glen E. Page, physician, surgeon and author of "The Last Plague". According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most scientists believe it is only a matter of time before the next... more

How do the programs proposed by McCain and Obama compare to the preservation of our liberties. Let's take stock of the more popular issues and compare.

Let's discuss the real causes of higher gas prices. We'll discuss what the presidential candidates won't say in fear of loosing the real big money for their campaigns. Call in with your comments (646) 652-4620.

The repercussions of our saber rattling with Iran is far reaching. Is this necessary? Are the reasons we give hold water, or are they just more justification to use a military industrial complex for empirical reasons? Tune in and find out. Call... more

I'd like to continue our discussion of the major issues facing the candidates for President. I will focus on the "energy crisis" as well as others. Why do we accept solutions that exasperate the situation. Certainly we recognize a snow job when... more