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Joe Cristiano

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Critical thought and commentary on current issues with a libertarian perspective.

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Let's take a look a this insidious process that Americans have appeared to embrace so dearly. Call in with your opinion (646) 652-4620.

We are pleased to have as our guest, Andy Sutton, Founder & Chief Strategist for Sutton & Associates, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He writes a weekly Economic and Financial Commentary... more

Let's take a look at the "goodness" of government programs intended to help the less fortunate that now include corporate America. Those who support government charity feel that they are doing good without having to do anything.... more

This is the title of a book written by Naomi Wolf. She delineates the universal steps to fascism concurrently comparing it to the steps we have already taken down that road. Let's take a look at this very insightful book and decide for... more

Let's take a look at what just happened. I will not make any predictions, but I would like to comment on what the American people were deprived of. Call in with your opinion (646)652-4620.

We hear about the need for a comprehensive national energy policy. What does this mean? Who does it and how is it executed? Personally, I have never understood this policy. Let's discuss this in further detail on Sunday evening.... more

We hear this headline as a battle cry against the omnipotent and ubiquitous mega store that we learned to affectionately call Wally World. Is it true that Walmart destroys local economies, and if so, how? Let's explore this Thursday morning.... more

Let's continue our discussion on the logic behind private roads, a concept that is difficult to understand, even for hard core libertarians as myself. I'd also like to hear your opinion and objections (646) 652-4620.

Sounds impossible. Maybe. But what it is about privatizing public roads that sends everyone in mental tailspin; even libertarians? It's a subject that is unfamiliar with most people including myself, but I'd like to discuss it anyway and see where we... more

There exists an organization by that name. It contends that in order for the country to "move forward" we must stop bi-partisan bickering. Sounds good, but let's examine what would happen if this organization is successful. Call in with your... more