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We are pleased that Mr. John Wohlstetter, Nuclear Policy Expert and London Center Senior Fellow has agreed to return to our show to discuss Iran's nuclear program. Listen in and call in with your questions, or comments, now also toll-free 888-773-4460. Look forward to hearing from you.
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We are pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the most current freedom movements with Citizens Initiative guru Paul Jacobs. Paul also publishes the daily online newsletter "Common Sense" wherein he comments on the most current... more

In order to know where we are headed as a nation you need to be aware of where we came from. I will discuss this concept in order to clarify our current economic and social condition together with comments on a few current issues.... more

We are pleased that Economist and Free Market Thinker, Andy Sutton, has agreed to return to our show. He would like to start the ball rolling by discussing current geopolitics together with how worldwide evens influence homeland... more

We are pleased and honored that Mr. John Wohlstetter, Nuclear Policy Expert and London Center Senior Fellow has accepted our invitation to be on our show to discuss the growing threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP attack. You... more

We are pleased that Jacob Hornberger, President of the Future of Freedom Foundation has agreed to be our guest on Thursday morning. We will focus on the divisive issue of immigration as this appears to mostly misunderstood. We... more

It';s the democraphicis.

Should we risk the lives of our youth on the war machine? Let's look at this concept from a very elementary perspective. Please do feel free to call in with your questions or worldview, now toll-free 888-773-4496. Look for to... more

I will disseminate my version of what the President should have said in his State Of The Union (SOTU) message. Please call in with your feedback. I will also have a guest calling in who will critique what I advocate. I do not know if he... more

We are pleased that Economist Andy Sutton will be our guest to discuss the near future of our economy. Andy enjoys taking caller's questions, so please let us hear from you also also toll-free 888-773-4496.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane to determine if our past can help us better predict our future. I wouild like to hear your take on what is to be by calling 646-652-4620, or toll free 888-773-4492. Look forward to hearing from you.