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The minimum wage issue has been an ongoing topic of discussion, however, if there is to be a minumum there must be a maximum. Yes, I am being factious, but there is a point to be made here that has not yet beern addressed. I... more

We talk about rights as if there was a standard in the way we define the term. I'd like to respond on the program to a comment made by Thom Hartman, RT TV, when he said that the internet has become so integrated in our lives it is... more

We are pleased to have Economist Andy Sutton return to our show to discuss the turbulent global economic affairs and how they may affect you. Andy likes to answer listener questions, so do feel free to call in now also toll-free... more

Immigration is one of the most misunderstood poliicies debated by the political elite. Quite frankly, I don't understand the very concept of immigration. I'd like to walk through my thoughts on this subject and ask that you call in to set me... more

We are conditioned since childhood to be obedient. However, at what point does this become detrimental to society? We do not discuss, nor taught, when obedience is harmful. I'd like to explore this concept and relate it to the social... more

FATCA, otherwise known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, has serious unintended consequences which may affect every tax payer in the United States. Let's discuss this ominous bill and what the implications may be. Call in... more

Changes are taking place in the international monetary system that will affect you. Listen in while our guest, Economist Andy Sutton, helps navigate us through these turbulent monetary waters. Miss this program at your own peril. Call in with your... more

Parents, educators, and especially politicians consider the education of our youth as paramount. However, are we all discussing the same issue? History tells us not. Let's see if we can clarify the definition of education and how it should be... more

Historically, peoples of all ages have suffered immence losses because they were blinded by their faith and optimism during periods when the facts indicated otherwise. Are we witnessing this repeated historical dilemma again. I am... more

War is war, but what is the difference between the street gang wars in my old home town as I once understood them and the war among nations that we are experiencing today. Quite frankly, the gang wars in New York made more... more