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Join Rex and Trog for irreverent, relevant and radioactive conservatism with a bite! Welcome to Liberty's Thunder! Break the mind control. End the Oligarchy. For LIBERTY! Live Sundays at 9:00 pm Eastern Time and whenever the heck we feel like it! Call in number (646) 649-1013.

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?...the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ?throw the rascals out? at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy...? – Carroll Quigley As we get ready to prepare for a pre-process to the process of electing delegates to conventions to elect nominees to get people to vote for delegates to elect the next Imperial Puppet, everyone wants to cheer for the canned-idiot who speaks most to their peculiar ideological musings…as if that matters in a rigged election system operated by an oligarchy that owns both parties and pummels the programmed hoi polio through near-monopoly control of the media. Generations have imbibed on Cultural Marxism, from the an-cap libertarian Right to the neo-Marxist Left, everyone is mired in the narrow spectrum of progressivism. The two wings of the Party amuse and appease the hoi polio with canned-idiot theater and the ‘severely conservative' Pachyderm Party is nothing more than DIABLO–Democrats In All But Name Only. Enter the Trumpephant! A giant ego with hair SMASHING through the opera house, crushing Jackasses and DIABLO Republiturds in his path! There is a new showman in town and he stars in American theater at the expense of the globalist hoi oligoi. The GOP that committed suicide in Tampa 2012 will either come back as the Trumpephant Party or keep going the way of the Whigs and take what's left of our nation with it. Break the rigged system, smash it to pieces. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, corporatists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers you MUST CRUSH the Neocon progressives on the ‘left', ‘right' and everywhere...for liberty! Please LIKE and SHARE us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LibertysThunder
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They're baaack! And as irreverent, relevant and radioactive as ever. As the NOT war WAR in Syria is escalated by POTUS, illegally and rhetorically (at least for now) have you forgotten about the scandals, Obamacare, amnesty, quantitative... more

As your appropriated federal government sends war ships to the Eastern Med and prepares to escalate yet another war your wealth is about to disappear as the Wall Street corporatists and the Fed flail to keep the paper regime afloat. These... more

Tex & Rex are gearing up for future battles. In the meantime enjoy our post RNC Spring Meeting show replay and remember to call your committeemen as the RNC Summer Meeting starts August 14 and we need the Tampa 2012 rules... more

As the current administration writes off its own corruption as a series of ‘phony' scandals, the RINOs create a phony scandal that progressives are real Republicans and conservatives and libertarians are phony Republicans.... more

Following the worst election defeat the RNC conducted an ‘autopsy', which is generally a post-mortem exam. The GOP is dead and has NOT been a conservative nor libertarian party, yet it alleges that it is. Both duopoly parties... more

Tex & Rex are off an a last minute special assignment and we'll be doing a live RNC Rules show soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a replay of our RNC Rules show from April. The flames of liberty shall never die!

?Man is by nature a political [rational] animal? stated Aristotle. Bastiat wrote, ?If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always... more

Let my people go – a command from God transmitted to the Egyptian pharaoh by His servant Moses and echoing down through the ages as a beacon for free people and tyrants alike. The 'Arab Spring' gave rise to Moslem... more

Snowden is hunted across borders. Congress is suffering amnesia from the 1986 border Amnesty debacle and repeating it. Sen. Jane McHammad of AZ, the RINOs and POTUS and his Dems are engaging in yet another illegal war across... more

Hotheads on the left and the right march in lock-step toward yet another war, as the Moslem jihadis wage a holy war against the last secular Middle-Eastern country. Yet, the ‘rebels' the federal government is going to arm are... more
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