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Join Rex and Trog for irreverent, relevant and radioactive conservatism with a bite! Welcome to Liberty's Thunder! Break the mind control. End the Oligarchy. For LIBERTY! Live Sundays at 9:00 pm Eastern Time and whenever the heck we feel like it! Call in number (646) 649-1013.

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As the globalist cabal that owns and controls both parties in America pushes Snarly Fearorina and Anchor Baby Rubio to split the vote and run the next pliable globalist, ¿Jeb?, up the middle to secure the nomination of the right-wing of the duopoly; the globalists' current meat-puppet blusters against Putin destroying the jihadi army we created to further Saudi, Israeli and neoconservative interests over and against American interests. Putin's gambit is about checking global tyranny and he is doing it to protect Russian interests and Christians in the Middle-East; rather than falling for the propaganda that this move is dangerous for America, we should be applauding the fact that he is doing the job that our government not only refuses to do, but actively works against. We need to rebuild & defend America instead of pissing away blood and treasure dismantling the Middle East with jihadi proxies and tempting war with Russia and China. This fatal illusion is not about defending American interests, fighting terrorism or checking Russian aggression. This is simply the next phase of a New World Order born of chaos engineered by the globalist oligarchs who have taken over the US government. This has nothing to do with ideology, policy, substance or even an electoral process. This is nothing more than brainwashing propaganda to appease the proletariat and make us believe we have something to do with the process. Break the rigged system, smash it to pieces. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, corporatists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers you MUST CRUSH the globalist progressive-corporatist oligarchs and their canned-idiot meat-puppets on the ‘left', ‘right' and everywhere. . .for liberty! Please LIKE and SHARE us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LibertysThunder

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The false left-right paradigm was SMASHED by the Kraken; so now we have the false insider-outsider paradigm to thump Trump. Choose from CIA Barbie, or Dr. Softie, or Canadian-Cuban Cruz, heck we'll even give you Florida anchor-baby... more

Nine Republiturd canned-idiots along with the junior Senator from Kentucky and a multi-billionaire real estate developer stood in front of Reagan's airplane (some even stood on their toes) for some more master-debation last week. The... more

Americans are getting over-excited about voting for their favorite limp canned-idiot without noticing that voting has nothing to do with electing the next Imperial Puppet who will do the bidding of the globalist oligarchs who own this country. It... more

The barbarians are at the gates, their enablers are in our institutions and Americans are busy wondering who the next globalist meat-puppet is going to be. The sad reality is that primary selections are controlled by oligarchs... more

?...the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ?throw the rascals out? at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy...? – Carroll Quigley As we get ready to prepare for a... more

Two private political parties use public money to stage a show that provides the appearance of democracy as a small group of men purchase the two stooges who end up ‘competing' to sit in the Emperor's chair and do the bidding of... more

Two private political parties use public money to stage a show that provides the appearance of democracy as a small group of men purchase the two stooges who end up ‘competing' to sit in the Emperor's chair and do the bidding of... more

After the Fake Family Feud show masquerading as a debate, we learned, once again, that Fox News is nothing more than right-wing controlled opposition, the ultimate Decepti-Cons. They slammed Newt and ignored Ron in '12 to push... more

15 Canned-didates, approved by the established oligarchs, answered prescribed questions in a psyop show masquerading as a political debate, brought to you by Fux Noise; unfair, unbalanced and making you afraid! Two other men were on... more

The GOP pantheon of dipshits, douchebags, rascals and ineligibles is only made interesting by a billionaire celebrity and the Jr. Sen. from KY; yet in the current scheme neither of them is permitted a chance. Vote, donate, door-knock and... more
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