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Lingering Stench

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Libertys Thunder

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The DC Swamp is a fetid pool of corruption with interconnected interests that may engage in intramural battles, but will always seek to preserve the system.  What we see is misdirection theater, what they actually do is worse and what really matters is rarely visible.  Even when it is visible, it is not perceived by most.  The stench lingers, the rats are cornered, the Emperor is making his moves and the cats, both the Leftist feral sort and the Rightish domesticated kind, still need to be herded.  It takes a Herculean effort to slog through the misdirection because, while they do lie, they more often distract with facts in prescribed context.  To move your attention from the banal, yet dangerous facts, they overdramatize the trivial.  The sneaky moves are overshadowed by the memorable insignificance of the public show for a captive audience.

We are in a state of emergency, we are about to weather the Storm, stand together as the sky falls.

Our enemy is not a foreign nation-state; our enemy has no state, but controls aspects of most states including governments within our union.

A vote for Republicans, is a vote for me – President Trump

In the storm, right the ship; where we go one, we go all; for good or for ill. Politics is about power; Trump has the power.  The idiots that killed the Republic and brought us into Empire NEVER expected Trump....he is the Emperor they never wanted. Victory is ours, but only if we never let up. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at WAR. 

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