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Libertys Thunder

Libertys Thunder


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Deep under the swamp’s surface a Swamptastrophe is breaking.  Down in the mud and weeds, a Kraken’s tentacles slither and move unnoticed due to the tumultuous froth and foam topside.  The swamp creatures maneuver in sheer panic; the libturds flail in fits of failure; the conservatoids scurry to ride the Kraken’s wave; the railcars on the Trump Train get derailed as the engine drives and drives, faster and faster.  Battles fought and won, battles lost, soldiers down, chaff and chum galore, gators and sharks, little giant egos bruised all in a convulsive cauldron of chaos intentionally caused by the American Emperor as he consolidates power and implements MAGA.  The tumultuous tempest terrifies, the Violent Visionary sees the endgame, the Ruthless Pragmatist is elegantly executing excellence and we will win and we will win, and we will win, and you will tremble in terror before you may ever view the vibrant victory.  Your life as you know it is over; your world as you’ve thought it was is dead and as the age of anguish gives way to the epoch of epics the only question is can you ride with the Kraken and build a colossal culture of glory with the victory that is being won for you, or will you wallow in the mud of mediocrity for fear of glory?

Politics is about power; Trump has the power. 

Americans finally have a champion to lead the America First movement and dismantle the fake stream news, the Marxists in both the Democrat and Republican Parties and the military-industrial-intelligence complex-the real enemy-the Shadow Government embedded in the Deep State and the entire hidden apparatus of the nearly defunct New World Order globalists. Victory is ours, but only if we never let up.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are at WAR. 

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