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Between Russian salad dressing, repealing & replacing Kochservative GOPussies, the Farkas fracas and President Trump delivering so much WINNING perhaps you missed your own self-imposed behavioral adjustments courtesy of the Panopticon, possibly the most potent weapon in the vast vaults and arsenals of the Deep State.  While the term Deep State has entered the fake news American lexicon, the Company operatives from the Farm seek to distract from its true meaning and ubiquitous deviousness. The Valley, The Hill, The Street and the Swamp need the Deep State to be hidden in plain sight by a compliant populace that obsesses over trivialities while ignoring the severe consequences of death, tyranny and the pursuit of hedonism in an omni-surveillance state.

Americans finally have a champion to lead the America First movement and dismantle the fake stream news, the Marxists in both the Democrat and Republican Parties and the military-industrial-intelligence complex-the real enemy-the Shadow Government embedded in the Deep State and the entire hidden apparatus of the nearly defunct New World Order globalists. The Dawn of the Kraken is here.  It appears to be morning in America again, but a new darkness looms as the war is escalating and the old empire seeks to strike back. The harbingers of retribution signal a move forward to national sovereignty or a revolution into darkness and chaos.

Politics is about power; Trump has the power.  Will he hold it and use it to restore America, or will you allow it to be taken back by the globalist oligarchs?

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