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We're Not So Innocent

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Responding to dildo’reilly’s fake news statement "But he's [Putin is] a killer," President Donald J. Trump declared, "There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?" This caused the globalist establishment’s sycophants and apologists to sputter, twitch and spew: how dare this fake reality TV star imposter president say there is a moral equivalency between the USA and Russia? This is theater for the stupid, contemporary Russia is a Christian nation, not the Communist Soviet Union and these United States are no longer a shining city on a hill, but the center of the New World Order diabolical empire. 

Tech Note: We had audio problems for the first 8 mins, fast forward.

The so-called ‘free press’ obfuscates and lies, the global wars of destabilization run on momentum from decades of aggression, the professional agitators riot in the streets and chaos looms as law and order is imposed by the power of the American Nationalist Executive while the Democrats and Republicans in Congress dither and delay while pretending to be on opposing sides.  The reality is these obstacles, lies and theatrical posturing are only the surface problem; the real enemy is the Shadow Government embedded in the Deep State and the entire hidden apparatus of the nearly defunct New World Order globalists.  The stage is set for an attempted regime change through color revolutions right here at home and simultaneously World War across the globe to end America First and restore the New World Order.

Politics is about power; Trump has the power.  Will he hold it and use it to restore America, or will you allow it to be taken back by the globalist oligarchs?

Victory is ours, but only if we never let up. We are at WAR. 

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